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Another washing diapers question

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Ok, I know you all get asked about washing diapers a million times but here is my question-

We have been using prefolds and covers and are just now, at 9 months switching to pockets (still trying to find a favorite!). Can I wash the prefolds together with the pocket diapers? I am guessing no. I have one all fleece pocket that I washed with the prefolds and the fleece got all pilly. I use bleach with my prefolds
: and I know I wont use the bleach with my FB's but do they need to go in little wash all by themselves? I'm startign out with just a few pocket diapers and hate to run a load fo laurndry, for like, 3 diapers, ya know!?

Thanks mamas you are all so helpful!
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In my experience, if you want the fleece to stay as close to new as possible, you do have to keep it out of linty laundry - that would mean washing microfleece items separately, or only with non-linty covers.

BUT, that is just too much for me, so I bit the bullet and started washing everything together. Yes, there's some lint on the microfleece, but after the initial linting it actually gets better and the diapers are just fine. If I have something brand new and very linty to wash, I try to do it away from the microfleece for a wash or two to get rid of the big lint-shed before washing it with pockets.
I refuse to wash more than one load of diapers as I wash as soon as I have a load. So I won't seperate mine. They don't seem to get that pilly, and you can always take a lint brush to them if it is a huge bother to you.

I also wash all my diaper stuff in one load - pockets, microfiber inserts, hemp inserts, fitteds, covers, etc. The only caveat is if you are washing NEW hemp - keep that away from other dipes until you've done the requisite number of washes to get out the natural oils from the hemp (otherwise the oils get into the fleece & you'll have repelling problems). The "pillyness" doesn't bother me as much as having to separate loads would!! Worst case, get one of those $5 sweater shaver thingys and "shave" your fleece.
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I don't see the point in separating diaper laundry, I could never take that much time to do 10 different loads :LOL!!!! I would just wash brand new PFs alone a couple times (which you have to prewash them anyways). Everything is fine washing together.
You can wash them together. You really shouldn't be using bleach on the prefolds though.

I didn't get too much pilling as long as I didn't dry them together.
When I was still using a combo of pockets and PFs for ds, I washed it all together. I had too many other things going on to worry about separating it all out.

I wash them all together. Don't use bleach on the pockets. It will eat through the PUL.
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