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Another WWYD thread

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I am starting to get very frustrated. Here is the story:

I found an AIO that I love. When I ordered the one, the WAHM got it out to me in the time stated. It fits Camden perfectly!!!!!! It is beautifully sewn and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

So, I emailed the WAHM and told her that I would like to order more, but that I would have to sell off the ones that he was outgrowing to help finance the purchase. She said that was fine and took my order with the understanding that I would pay closer to completion time. So, I waited until about a week before the turn around time she stated, sold off all of my AIOs except 2, and paid for my order.

The turn around time came and went. I waited quite a while after that before emailing about the status and was told that she was about to begin my order. So, I waited probably a week or two...still no dipes. Just when I was about to email again, I received a group email that stated there had been some family issues, but that several orders would be shipped the next name was specifically listed as one of the orders that would ship. So, I waited about a week. When I was just about to email again, I received another group email stating that there had been a problem and the orders would be shipped asap, leading me to believe after the prior week's email, that my package was one of the problems, but should now be on its way. I waited another week and finally emailed the WAHM. This was the first time that I actually contacted her since the issues in her life had been mentioned. I politely thanked her for the unpdateds, but told her that I really needed my dipes and just inquired as to when they would be shipped. I received an email back saying that they would go out the next day and she would let me know which shipping method she used. That has now been almost another week and I have yet to receive the dipes or that email letting me know how they were shipped.

I, being a WAHM, definitely know that life gets in the way at times. I have ran behind my expected turn around at times. But, I try to keep in touch with my customers and let them know when their order will ship. I do ALL I can to make sure that happens and if not I let them know. I think that being a WAHM, I have actually been more understanding about this than I would have been before starting my own business.

But, after being stated a 3 week turn around time, it has been just under 8 weeks. I REALLY believe that she has had issues in her life. I sympathize with that and I know that sometimes you just do not feel up to dealing with orders. I also think that I have been mislead about the status of my order. If she cannot get it out, I understand, but I would appreciate an honest answer when I inquire about the status.

DH is getting very frustrated. He is perfectly capable of changing a fitted and cover, but prefers AIOS. And, with the baby coming any day, I had planned for these to be here in time to leave with MIL while I am in the hospital. I have since ordered and recieved two LHC AIOs, but that still just leaves us with 4 all together and I will have to leave sposies with MIL during the birth. This will be the first sposies on Camden's hiney in over a year and a half.....I know, not that big of a deal, but it is just the point. I am taking cloth for the new baby to wear in the hospital, but her brother will be in sposies.

So, is it just pg hormones that are causing this to frustrate me so much? Am I being unreasonable? My plan is to email her if they are not here tomorrow and request my money back. I NEED more AIOs. I would love to have the ones that I ordered. They fit beautifully, but if they are not ready to ship, then I want my money so that I can order more LHCs. Is this wrong? Should I just continue to wait?
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The WAHM run around id awful! It makes it hard to trust a WAHM who is actually haveing real problems.
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I really don't think that it's a good idea to wait any longer than 3 weeks from payment to firmly request DC or refund. Once you go past the 30 day paypal deadline you really have no way of getting your money back other than to threaten to leave feed back.
Ahhh I'm sorry Sandi~I would request my money back~! So that you can order elsewhere or at least have a piece of mind not having to worry about them arriving~3-4 months later~or whenever!
Update.......I emailed the WAHM on Friday and let her know that I wanted my money back. I did not receive a response from her. But, Monday I received a notification from paypal that my order minus one item was being shipped that day via express mail ($21 when I rcvd the package today).

Anyway, I did get my AIOs today and they are all gorgeous. But, one has much shorter wings than the others. All of my others from this WAHM fit Camden on the smallest waist setting, but this one only fits on the largest setting, so it will not fit long. Plus, now I have already washed them all since I looked them over and did not notice this until I tried it on him after washing. ARGH! Do I even mention it to her at this point or just consider myself lucky to have received them and hope that the other item comes soon?

This is sooooo frustrating since I really love these AIOs. I want a bunch of them for the new baby, but I am leary of ordering from her again. Thing is, she has excellent reviews everywhere. I have had one great transaction with her. She is making the still-to-ship item especially to fit just Camden. Her prices are great. She has been around a few years, so I think the hyenas have attacked and moved on........leaving her always open for orders---a big plus. And, again, her AIOs are gorgeous and fit my skinny kiddo better than others.

So, do I give her another chance in the future or just stick with my second choice in AIO? Oh, what to do?
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If she said 3 week turn around time then that is what it should be. I personally would never give anyone that little bit of time with the volume of orders received but to each his own. I would ask for the diapers again and again until I got them however and I would be reluctant to buy from that wahm again. Sorry you are having so much trouble.
If you really like the diapers and want to get some more, I would order them one or two at a time. That way, it will be easier for her to fill the order and not get overwhelmed by it and you won't be in a jam over just one or two diapers.
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