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Anterior Placenta

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My mw suspects that my placenta is anterior, just by the way the hb sounded and how hard it was to find it at my last appt (it was there though, and sounded good once we found it, just that there was probably a cushion in front of it). My u/s is next week and I'll find out for sure. I know it's no big deal, unless it's low lying as well (I doubt it), but I'm kinda wondering about it.

My question is, has anyone here had experience with an anterior placenta? How much did it affect how well/often you felt movement? That's the only info I can find, is that I probably won't feel as much movement and it won't be as strong. Ds was pounding on me by this time (18weeks), I could feel the summersaults and he'd even startle me, and with this babe I only get the odd flutter here and there. I know that this babe is different and perhaps not as "hyper" as ds was also, but this is the funnest part of pregnancy, and I feel like I'm going to somewhat miss out...
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My placenta was anterior and low-lying with my first pregnancy. (BTW, the placenta moved well away from the os by 30 weeks.)

You are right about the (lack of) movement, though. My current pregnancy has been so much more active than my first. To be honest, the amount of activity is so different this time it scares me a bit. With my dd, I would feel little flutters, kicks and rolls, but not the jolts and punches as with this pregnancy. Yes, each pg is different, but this is *really* different.

Hope that you can enjoy this time!
My midwife could tell my placenta was anterior by hearing it on the doppler. I felt movement quite a bit later this time--I didn't have so many early flutters, just went straight to the stronger movement around 20-21 weeks. It was a little disconcerting for awhile, but now at 26 weeks I feel plenty of movement throughout the day. With dd I felt the first flutters at 13 weeks and even saw movement from the outside at 16. I really appreciate each little kick and nudge now, having had to wait so long! Movement and the big belly are the best parts of pregnancy!
I had an anterior placenta with baby #1. With this pregnancy, my placenta is posterior, and boy, can I tell a difference. I didn't start feeling definitive movement with baby #1 until 20 weeks or so. With this baby, I started feeling movement around 13-14 weeks, and I feel TONS of movement a lot of the time. I can feel elbows, knees, feet, etc. It's not just extra kicks, but I can feel this baby turn over, wiggle, etc.
In both my pregnancies, the placenta has been anterior, but to me it hasn't affected the movement I feel, though I have nothing else to compare it to. I do feel it more strongly on the sides. And I didn't so much feel the early flutters, just thumping starting at around 16 weeks, and then after that I feel a lot of activity, including elbows and knees, etc. I have crazy boys, so I can't imagine how it would be if I didn't have a cushion. It was really hard to find the heartbeat the first time and my mw was concerned, I guess that was why.
My placenta was anterior with my second. I also had a low lying placenta (seemed to move past the os at 34 or 35 weeks, but it was still an iffy question so I remained on restrictions and they had an OB on standby when I was in labor in case I started bleeding). The midwife said the main complication she sees with an anterior placenta is if they have to do a c-section and have to go around it or through it to get the baby out.
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