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Anterior placenta

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Anyone here had a client with an anterior placenta and if so did it affect the baby's position? This is not a client but rather my own placenta is anterior and as of right now baby is happily posterior. I feel all my kicks and jabs directly center or just to the right of my belly button.

I'm only 29 weeks so it is a bit premature to start worrying (I hope) but there is little information about how an anterior implantation might affect the baby's position and what I have found is contradictive. Some midwives seem to be of the opinion that the baby usually faces the placenta others claim it has no impact once the baby engages.

Also, one of the moves most recommended for spinning an OP baby is hands and knees. With a placenta in the front is that position OK?

I think I am worrying so much because we just transported a client after a long and painful posterior labor and I don't want to be that client.


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Anterior placentas don't cause any issues at all - either with position or during birth. It can make it harder to feel the baby move and make it harder to determine baby's position sometimes. You just have to work around it.
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Thanks Pam. I was hoping I was just being a hormonal pregnant woman. I will now try to put it out of my mind so as not to create a self-fullfilling prophecy!

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I have an anterior placenta the only real problem I see with it is the baby is LOP with the back directly behind the placenta making fetal heart tones impossible to hear without a doppler. We can hear faint beats for a few seconds but nothing possible to count as the placenta sounds are so loud. I'm not a huge fan of the doppler but will use one during labor if the baby continues to be posterior.
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