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Uffe Ravnskov, author of The Cholesterol Myths & chairman of (The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics), was awarded the Leo Prize for 2007.

According to the site, "He is awarded the prize for his sharp scientific criticism of alleged relationships between cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases as the basis for medication and diet recommendations."

The Leo Prize "reward independent research in natural sciences and medicine, in particular when the results of such research are in conflict with conventional wisdom."

His site contains a lot of good, easy-to-read info. about why high cholesterol levels aren't necessarily bad, and the reasons why eating saturated fats are actually good for health.

Here's a couple of links to some of the papers he's published (full bibliography available here):

"High cholesterol may protect against infections and atherosclerosis"

"The questionable role of saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids in cardiovascular disease."

Some letters to BMJ Editor (short 'n sweet):

"Europe in transition
Dietary fat is not the villain"

"Diet-heart disease hypothesis is wishful thinking"

"Dietary fat intake and risk of stroke
Allegations about dietary fat are unfounded"
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