Anti-racism resources for children
I sat down to write an entirely different post this morning. And then, I stopped. It wasn't resonating with me.

As I typed, my words felt utterly unimportant considering the heaviness of the past few weeks. I have a platform here and I'm choosing to use my voice --- in fact, I should have used it a long time ago. I'm aware that I can play a small role in moving an essential conversation forward and there are conversations that are vital to be having right now----including with our children. I'll never understand what my Black friends have moved through and are currently feeling. But I stand with them. I've got lifelong work to do and I believe part of this work is to educate my children about the effects of white supremacy, white privilege, and racism alongside educating myself.

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For any caregivers, educators, or parents that wish to join me on this journey, I've listed books and resources below. Many of these resources have been found on social media or were shared with me. Also, many of the resources listed below are books. Please consider purchasing directly from the authors and the bookstores below.

This list is by no means comprehensive, please continue the conversation and add any resources and ideas you're aware of in the comments below.

Anti-Racism Resources for Children:

The Conscious Kid

This non-profit includes resources supporting a child's development of racial identity. You'll find a Patreon subscription offering that includes suggested books, a racial literacy book group, and content for discussing race and disruption of racism with children.

Here Wee Read

Here you'll find a beautifully curated and diverse online bookstore, as well as an "ultimate list" of children's books featuring diversity. Check out Here Wee Read social media content for important conversations too.

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SHINE Talk for Kids

This LIVE six-week program begins on September 21 and will share a framework for navigating discussions about race with children. You'll be given resources and homework along the way, as well as access to a self-paced anti-racism course.

Life Kit: Parenting Podcast --- How White Parents can Talk to their Kids About Race

In this episode NPR's Michel Martin speaks with, Jennifer Harvey, author of Raising White Kids: Bringing up Children in a Racially Unjust America.


This website features a list of over 31 books that not only address race and racism, but those that encourage children to take action too.

Charis Books & More

This bookstore features a lists of books to "Teach White Children and Teens How to Undo Racism and White Supremacy."

What White Children Need to Know about Race

Access the article written by Ali Michael, Ph.D here.

A Kid's Book About Racism

This book, written by an African American father of six, can be found here.

I've learned that talking about racism with our children isn't enough. As children experience life they are closely learning, listening, and watching. Consider the movies your children frequently watch and the toys they play with. Consider the family, friends, and neighbors you interact with.

Is diversity represented?

As we ask these questions and learn, it's time to align our actions with our words too.

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