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I'm asking all over the 'net before I make the decision not to give him these abx <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Stick Out Tongue"><br><br>
Mace had dental surgery for cavities last Spring and he didn't have preventative abx prior to surgery (unless they gave him a dose there and didn't tell me). He had a checkup this week and there's discoloration at the base of one of the capped teeth. Dentist wants us to come back in for a pulpectomy, possible extraction in 10 days, but wants Mace to take 10 days of abx beforehand. Mace has no fever, no pain in that tooth and no swelling so it seems there's no infection that we know of at this point.<br><br>
Plus he just had his first ever round of abx over a month ago for a bad case of strep throat, so I'm thinking that's not enough time for another raging infection to start up.<br><br>
I could understand maybe a dose before the work or even after, but for 10 days before?<br><br>
Is this necessary? Mace is not at risk for endocarditis which, it seems, is the main reason for giving prophylactic abx.<br><br>
TIA for any words of wisdom, we'd have to start the abx tomorrow if we're going to give them. Would it not even be effective to give them a couple days ahead of time instead of the 10 days?
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