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My DH is a mostly SAHD with our DS, so he takes him to the doctor when he's sick (which hasn't happened often). DS has had a cough and runny nose for a couple of months off and on. A few weeks ago they went to a doctor who prescribed cough syrup and an inhaler. The cough got better though it didn't completely go away, as did the congestion. Then last night it got a lot worse again, DS had thick yellow mucous, coughing all the time from the drainage, and a low grade fever that continued into this morning.<br><br>
DH took DS to a different doctor, who apparently prescribed antibiotics. Now, because DS has been having the cough and congestion for a while, if it was for sure a bacterial infection I would be okay. But the doctor said bronchitis, which is 90% of the time viral. I'm not convinced it's appropriate to give DS antibiotics in this situation, if there's only a 10% chance there is a bacterial infection (though I guess it's hard to tell which kind it is).<br><br>
However, DH, who normally accepts my questioning of doctors on other matters, got really pissed off when I tried to explain the difference between viruses and bacteria (he thinks they're the same) and that antibiotics don't cure viral infections and was like, no we're going to give them to him, they'll help, that's it, and to hell with you and your bacteria. For some reason, whenever I discuss bacteria and it's relation to illnesses, he gets really mad and accuses me of being the stupid one, when he doesn't even know the difference between bacteria and viruses (and won't accept that there is one).<br><br>
I've printed out some material about this, but English is not his first language and I don't know if he'll read it not to mention the fact he believes his "own" anyway (and it was one of "his" nationality in terms of doctors who they went to today). If anyone has any thoughts or advice, or run into this before, I would really appreciate it.
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