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antibiotics while pregnant

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I have an UTI, OB prescribing macrobid. Anyone had to take an antibiotic while pregnant?
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I haven't taken any, but I looked up macrobid in Hale's Medications and Mother's Milk. It's an L2 for nursing and a category B for pregnancy. For the pregnancy B thing, that means either no animal/human studies have been done, or animal studies have been done and no adverse effects have been shown in the first trimester.

Hope that helps a little
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I had to take 2 doses of antibiotics for a horribly stubbord sinus infection. I wasn't pleased with it, but i was very sick. My son was fine though. I think you just have to judge the consequences of not taking one and if there are more natural remedies you can try first.
I juts finihsed a second round of dicoxilcillin for a nasty case of mastitis that turned into an abscess. Penicillin is ok, but other antibiotics are not. I'd check the PDR and ask your OB.
I was recently on amoxicilin for strep throat (gotta love my 2 petrie dishes/kids). I don't usually take antibiotics, but I seem to get sick enough to need them in all my pregnancies. Make sure you take alot of acidophilus or live culture yogurt, during pregnancy there is a higher risk of yeast infections -- you don't want that!!! Good luck.
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