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antidepressants while bf

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my cousin, due in August- wants to bf and go back on meds for depression because she is worried about ppd- anybody have advice, links, etc? I want so much to support her bf'ing!

tia and nak!

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hi there,
I took zoloft for two years,pregnant and b/f during that time.i now take wellbutrin which some docs wont recommend but afetr much research and some great posts from ladies here my Doc gave me the go ahead to b/f on was a tough few weeks but i feel pretty good on it now.zoloft just suddenly had th reverse affect on me,was great for a while.i don't know why it stopped working.i heard lexapro is a good one for b/f to but zoloft,paxil and lexapro do have sexual side affects,which by the way noone told me about
: which is why i'm passing the info on to you,
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Thank you- I will lwt her know!
I worried about taking antidepessants while nursing because there aren't any grown-up babies fed anti-depressant tainted breastmilk to research how it affects them as adults. But I found it totally necessary. I just started taking Lexapro. From what I understand, it is believed to be excreted in smaller amounts in breastmilk and also cause fewer effects on the baby (or babies in my case). I took Paxil after my son's birth 3 years ago and coming off of it was a nightmare (withdrawal is common), I would never do it again. Good luck to her.
I also take Zoloft and have been tandem nursing for over a year. To be honest I really hate the idea of it, I feel like no one knows for sure how/if it will affect them, but I really have no choice. Unfortunately,
I need the medication to be a functional mama right now. According to the research the baby gets very very low levels of zoloft, and it's the prefered antideppresant for breastfeeding I think, so I think she has to weigh the risk against her need for medication.
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Hi all, After Ds1 was born i took paxil, i the withdraw sucked rocks, Before i got pg with DS2 i was taking Zanax and lexapro, I took nothing through my pregnacy after [email protected] was born i tried zoloft. I couldn't handle the sexual side effects. Not being able to O was really hard. I have just now ,as of tonite started Celexa, hopfully it will go well. We are in the process of weaning,DS is almost one year and i need additional meds and i can't bf on the meds(Zanez,atavan,calonapin) I feel selfish,but i need to be mentally right. Good luck mamas
THis man - Dr. Thomas Hale is the top of his field and pioneering researcher in the field of how medications affect breastmilk. Here is a link to a forum that will give you some answers:

You may have to go in and enter as a guest and then click on the antidepressants link.

Good luck. In an ideal world we wouldn't need these little pills to feel normal and to cope, but a lot of it is a chemical imbalance within our bodies and we have to do what we have to do to be functioning mamas. Good luck to you all.
Wow, this link is so very helpful. Thank you!
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