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antiobiotic 'poisoning'-any relief?

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How can I purge my body from side effects caused by antiobiotics?

note: I am exclusively bf my 4.5 month old

short story: i took some in January for a UTI after I had tried everything else to no avail. The UTI went away and I took probiotics for about a weekish and then forgot to keep taking them. I was glad that it looked like I didn't have any side affects. No, my rheumatoid arthritis type symptoms have been showing up again in fingers/hands and feet/lower legs and knees. Can I purge myself of whatever is causing this somehow or is it too late?

long story: I took antibiotics off and on for 4-5 years when I was an adoloscent. I had 'comparmental syndrom' supposedly as my school athletic trainer told me and so couldn't run cross country and other things as well but I really didn't think much of it. Then in college, I had a minor little surgery and I think I also took some diflucan around that same time. Anyway, this is when I was 19 and I woke up one morning and started having horrible joint/muscle pain and later found out it I had RA through a blood test. I took celebrex for a couple months then stopped as it was not working. Despite what the doctors told me I started alternative treatments, including a sever diet change (pretty hard to do while in college!), vitamin supplments, and natural progesterone cream supplmentation. By my wedding 9 -10 months later I was able to walk down the aisle and dance the night away without any pain! I got pregnant 3 months later and since then had no problems. I never took any strong medicines or antibiotics again until last month and now I am showing the same pain/tingling as when I had the RA.

So this how I have concluded it must be from the antibiotics. I also should point out that arthritis is a side effect listed for some antibiotics I was taking. (of course I had to find this out on my own though! not from dr's)
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Glad you posted this,all my ranting here on this forum about the adverse effects of antibiotics no one is listening.
You are 100% correct it causes a systemic breakdown in your immune system, many secondary symptoms follow the intake of antibiotics. These secondary sympt. varry in each of us. Many are the ones you have listed already,but there are more.....................over 100 symptoms.

Each time you eat/drink the 'wrong' things it gets aggravated,you are actually 'feeding' the yeast/candida caused by the antibiotics. As you know the ellimination diet to stop candida/yeast is extremely difficult,and takes months to a yr before detox is complete.
The intake of hormone related prescr.,birth controll pills,steriods,antibiot,cortizones,alcohol,dairy,s ugar...............cause delays in cure as they reactivate the problems.
yeast cells produces over 75 known toxic substances,that consistently poison the body.
Antibiotics CURE NOTHING!!!!!!! They only DESTROY the immune system.
Pathogens are easily erradicated via alternative means.long list of proven antibiotic type herbs like goldenseal and garlic,vit C in large doses,homeopathy.........
Great book called "BEYOND ANTIBIOTICS" has a detailed list of all this.

Thanks again for your post,i hope everyone reading this learns for your expierence.You might need to make an appt. with a trained naturopath,i think its beyond a "Do it yourself"................

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I agree with Tyler. Keep spreading the word. People need to hear this.

The US uses 85% of the worlds' abx. How does the rest of the world treat anything if they don't use abx? How come people are not keeling over left and right? They only use 15% of all abx left.

Doctors have relied on abx for so long they hardly know how to treat anything without it. And big pharma has trained people in the US to demand abx for every symptom whether it's indicated or not. But fact is, it is destroying our health.
At the most basic, take a good probiotic. And I'd suggest a relatively higher dose than people with milder issues take.

Next, as PP mentioned, consider an anti-candida diet. While this can seem complicated at first there are lots of people who have done it and lots of info on the internet, so it's possible to inform oneself fairly easily.

Finally, go for some detox support. This is more complicated, because there are different methods suitable for different conditions. Some forms of detox diets or supplements are best suited to someone who's in very good health, because they would be overwhelming for organs which are already challenged. (ETA: also that kind of detoxing is not good while BFing!) Other kinds of detox techniques help to relieve challenged organs. So for this I'd suggest seeing an ND.

A simple and safe detox technique you could do now, though, is an epsom salts bath. Magnesium & sulfates, which is what epsom salts are, are both nutrients which the body uses for detoxing. The extra mag & sulfates from the bath sink in through the skin and the body gets a boost.
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100% agree with gitti,good point.

A typical allopathic visit "doctor i'm sick what ever disease you like"....................(5-7 min consultation max)
"Here take these antibiotics"...........................

The patient comes back next month,SAME SYMPTOMS BUT with a toxic immune system added to the mix.

MD says:"here take more antibiotics,longer this time,stronger type"

The patient comes back next month,same symptoms...........and worse

On and On and ON................When will they learn!

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I totally agree with all of this and it is why i am so frustrated with the situation. I forgot to mention that this is my second baby so I haven't had any RA symptoms for a long time now. I do have occasional yeast problems and have gallbladder issues (which is still in me thank you) so I am just mad about that I am getting these symptoms again and mad at myself in a way that I let myself be convinced into taking abx again. I had been trying so many things to get rid of the UTI and it was hurting so much and I was afraid about kidneys etc. I just sometimes feel like I am the only one who is so sensitive to drugs but maybe people just don't talk about their problems out loud as much as I do
I wonder if it would do any good to rant about this to the doctor I saw since I told her about my worries and she wasn't exactly empathetic with me about them.

Ok so is there never a line that can be made with an infection where an abx is ok?

I would love to see a ND but I don't think we have any of those here but I can look into it. I have a good detox tea and that is 'safe' while bf. I try and avoid sugar but I love to bake so I use xylotol or other 'better' sugars. I'd say my diet is good for now so I'll just make sure to take my vitamins regularly again. Using the progesterone cream really helped last time but since I am bf and still have no cycles I don't feel it is quite necessary yet.
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Sorry I failed to put my 2 cents in with advice!

The biggest changes for me recovering from "antibiotic poisoning" was raw milk kefir and high vitamin cod liver oil, A no grain diet for a while, then a high omega 3 traditional food diet where you soak all your grains. Also digestive enzymes with and between meals.

I'm rather sketchy on the causes of rh. arthritis, like the real causes, but I'll bet raw milk/cream/butter with the Wulzen "anti-stiffness" factor will go a long way towards helping.

Here's some advice on RA from a traditional food perspective:

Also check the "Know Your Fats" section at the Weston Price website... traditional fats that *help* the immune system, rather than omega 6 fats from vegetable oils that encourage inflammation, are the way to go. I know Omega 3's are the key to many illness simply b/c they are so vital in the body.

Also bone broths that provide essential amino acids for cartilidge:

You might find the "Healing the Gut Cheat Sheet" stickied at top of this forum helpful.
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Progesterone cream helped your RA? Hmmmm... do you have any other symptoms, disorders, diseases that would signal a body process (like your thyroid) interfering with your hormonal balance?

On the surface I would guess your gut flora shifted and endotoxins from yeast/bacteria and possible maldigestion of food proteins leading to an allergy like situation can contribute to RA pain. But I do know your fats that you eat have a huge impact on how your hormones work. Cholesterol is actualy good for your hormones.
More on RA
I saw my own mother with crippling RA for 20+ yrs (i have written this before here is a short version)
She went to allopaths for the entire 20 yrs,it only progressed worse,not better.
She started as a child with strep throat. This was suppressed via antibiotics,over and over and over and over.....................
Rhuematic fever started...................again more antibiotics.............over and better,just sicker.

At the age of 25yrs old she had full- blast- crippling -deforming- RA! She almost died,she got so weak,could not do ANYTHING for herself.

The day she looked into making appt. with herbalist,homeopaths,ayurvedic practicioners is the day she started getting well again,she STOPED ALL ALLOPATHIC TOXIC DRUGS!....................all of them!
This is NOT A DO IT YOURSELF DISEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU need to see trained practicioners.
She is now 100% CURED!

This is one of the most difficult diseases to erradicate.................if you keep taking allopathic drugs you will only stay ill.

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