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My 5 year old dd was recently diagnosed with Selective Mutism. She is currently being seen my a Speech and Language Pathologist at school. We are in the process of finding a psychologist for her as well.

She hasn't spoken in her Kindergarten class all year, but fully participates in every other way. She doesn't read aloud with the small reading group, however, she will answer comprehension questions by writing on a white board. (Thankfully she's a great writer.) They have made many accomodations for her thus far and she seems to be much more comfortable in class since.

The reason for my post is two-fold: I am looking for advice and stories from anyone who has experience with SM and I also need some suggestions for her sensory issues. She puts her fingers in her mouth and/or chews on her shirt when she is extremely uncomfortable. I've been told that chewable jewelry might be what she needs. We're going with the jewelry to be less conspicious in school. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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