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Hey Mamas,

I'm Julie- just getting to know mdc after hearing about it for years.

I have 2 girls with SID- One is 4.5 & has alot of anxiety, the other 16 mos (her big problem is she won't eat but that's another story!). Our family is moving to a new house in one week (just down the road). My daughter starts school in her new preschool class (new teachers, old school, many old friends in her class) the same week!

So I am looking for suggestions to ease the moving transition for her (the oldest one). We have been talking about it. I plan to visit the new house with her again and video/photograph her new room and let her tell me/us where to put her furniture, how to decorate etc. (we have a pink butterfly theme in her current room & while it seems like a natural time for a change, I think the best thing for her is to recreate her old room in the new house- she likes this idea). She expressed alot of anxiety about the move until she understood that we'd be taking everying- all her toys, furniture, etc, with us (poor thing thought we were leaving everything behind!) I was worried about her seeing her old room dismantled- should we do that when she's not around and then have her help with the set-up in the new place?

(If I seem unconcerned about the preschool class transition its b/c the school is soo sensitive and I'll be encouraged to be there as much and as long as she needs).

any suggestions would be appreciated!

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