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Hi there.

My DD is almost 30 months and no longer likes the swimming pool. We did a Mom/ Tot class about a year ago & then during a January winter vacation she was last in a pool & did fine. Now here it is summer & she will only sit on the steps. She won't allow me to bring her in any further & screams. She has never had a "bad pool experience" so I don't know what is causing ths new fear.

Any advice? We are leaving on a 2 week vacation tomorrow with a beautiful pool & I already dread bringing her near the water. Will a floatie help?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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Pick up a book called "Learn To Swim" by Rob and Kathy McKay. (You can check out their philosophy at The book is available at many major bookstore chains, so if you have a bookstore near where you're going, you can pick one up. Otherwise, do a lot of water play in you tub, including dripping small amounts of water on her face. Get some toys that your child can play with pool side. Let her start on the steps, and then inch her way in. Let her enter the pool perched on your hip and held tight by you. And then seeing other children playing may inspire your child as well. That way your child gets a chance to re-acclimate herself to the pool again, at her own pace.

Good luck!

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