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Any Advice On Shedding?

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I have 2 labs and they are super sweet. Unfortunately they are the worst shedders in the whole entire universe! It didn't used to bother me as much because I vaccuumed a lot. Now I have a 9 month old daughter and it bothers me to put her on the floor. I don't vaccuum everyday like I used to and it shows. Outside of vaccuuming, is there any supplements for dog's that other's have tried that actually worked? They are on Royal Canin dog food, so they are eating well. Ideas anyone?
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The only thing I know of is to brush every couple of days. It always worked well with our dogs, but, of course, all dogs will shed.
Get the Furminator tool. It does an amazing job of removing the undercoat!
Royal Canin isn't the greatest for coat quality, I'd try Innova, green bag or EVO and add some extra fish oil to their diet. I confess, I have 2 german sheherds and I only brush once a month or so--I try to do most of it with food.

Also, take them in for a professional groom.
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I also take our dog out in the backyard every couple of days and brush him.
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