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Any AP Moms in Oswego, Aurora, Yorkville or Montgomery area???

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My name is Meaghan, I am a 36 year old SAHM to Libby, 7 months old. Libby is 100 % breastfed. We co-sleep, babywear, don't vax, and respond to babies cries with love and sympathy! I am still pretty new to AP, but believe whole heartedly in all the the 8 ideals of AP- 1. Preparation for childbirth, 2. Emotional Responsiveness, 3. Breastfeed your baby, 4. Baby Wearing and Nurturing Touch, 5. Sharing Sleep, 6. Avoid frequent prolonged separations, 7. Use Positive Discipline, and 8. Maintain Balance in your family life.

I am not perfect (nor will I ever be)at this AP thing, and still have lots of questions and am always looking for other AP moms for support and encouragement. I wasn't able to find ANY AP groups in my area, so I decided to start my own. I went to and started an Attachment Parenting Moms group for the Far West Suburbs (Oswego, Aurora, Montgomery, Yorkville).

So far, we have had 4 meetings, and the group is still pretty small (25 members), Since the weather is FINALLY turning warmer, we have scheduled outings to the Morton Arboretums Childrens Garden, and many outings to a local park where we can sit and talk about AP/Natural Parenting while the kids play on the playground. This summer, we plan to have "messy parties", a group picnic, and lots of other fun activites for the whole family! We have a great group of moms so far, and we are looking for new moms in the area who practice AP.

We would love to learn from and encourage any AP moms in the area, so if you are interested, you can visit the website and join the group! Here's our link:
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