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I don't want to figure out how to ship it.

I have the wall calendar with all the numbers, special events, weather etc all cut out, some pilling but not bad - i think some extra velcro dots even. We did nail this to a wall so it'll have nail holes at the corners but figure you can nail it to your wall too lol

My kids don't use this anymore and I'm tired of picking up the numbers and stuff off the floor when the daycare babies get to it when I'm not fast enough or the gates not up.

This is with the board that has the squares all set up as a calendar -

Will take a pic of our board in a bit if someone is interested

the set is like $35 with the board plus shipping. I'll take offers or trade. but was thinking $15 for it if you come pick it up. $20 if I meet you somewhere with it? Or if someone really wants me to ship it, I will - and charge $15 plus actual shipping.

I'll also trade

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