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Any babywearing dads????

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HI all .... I'm just looking for any babywearing dads who could suggest a sling that they have enjoyed using for carrying their babes around in. Any suggestions would be sweet ...
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erics ... what kind of sling did you use?
My dp loves using a mai tai. His fave is a anglepack from
He also uses a Kozy Karrier mai tai.
He has very broad shoulders and never could get a comfy fit with the slings we had.

Originally Posted by FatherArn
erics ... what kind of sling did you use?
Originally we started with a Koala but quicky switched to a Nojo.
My dh is currently too busy carrying our baby to reply.
But he loves the Ellaroo wrap. He wore our older dd in the back wrap cross carry in that until she was 3, and now favors the front cross carry for dd2. He also uses a rebozo sometimes.
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Just had to say
to you for wanting to wear baby!

We used a front-pack type of carrier (graco brand) when my dd was very small and my DH enjoyed wearing her in that. When we were dealing with colic it was one of the things that actually worked to soothe her. Of course, now I hear that those type of carriers aren't the best ergonomically for babies, but she turned out OK, so who knows. We also used an over-the-shoulder baby holder with both of our children. Daddy was less comfortable with the feel of a sling, though.

There is a dad I see often in the carpool line at pre-school who is always wearing an infant while walking his older child into the school. One day I actually stopped my car to tell him how nice it is to see a daddy wearing a baby! He has a couple different slings, one OTSBH just like we have, and another that looks like a Maya wrap.
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Just yesterday our friends gave us their BabyBjorn. I used that and it worked well in the park. My dw uses a Maya Wrap. I suppose I should give that a whirl ... though I would like to try the Mei Tei carriers ... they look nice and people seem to really love them.
DW and I use a Baba Sling. It is really nice. Go to I can personally say that it is comfortable and well built.
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DH uses a Little Buckaroo baby carrier from to carry our 6mos old. I like it because it goes from him to me without changing anything. He says its relly comfy and distributes wieght well (baby is 21lbs at 5.5mos!)
When DD was tiny, DH used the Hotsling and the Moby Wrap. Both are awesome and well made. The Hotsling is specific to your size, so we each needed our own. The Moby is completely adjustable, since it is just a long piece of fabric, and we both used it. Now that DD is bigger DH uses the Hotsling in the hip carry around the house, and an Ergo carrier for long walks. DH is a babywearing expert!

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This article contains some of my favorite carriers at different stages (Summary section on the bottom).

In the early months, a good unpadded or lightly padded ring sling is perfect. If you want something for longer carries, a stretchy wrap is also great.
DH prefers using a Moby Wrap to carry DS around in. Be forewarned...the moby wrap has now been dubbed, the manssiere (brassiere) and I call him my seahorse hubby when he wears DS.
Dh uses the kozy carrier, ergo, maya, happy cruiser. I'm just learning how to use a wrap so once I get the hang of that i'll teach him how to use it. He loves wearing our dd.
My DH uses a snugli baby carrier. He's carried her in it since she was 3 weeks old. I use a NoJO.
DH won't use the NoJO.
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My DH and I share a mayawrap ring sling (I end up with a really long tail to cover dd up with- which I like). We both just love it and think its extra comfy! Here's a pic of DH carrying our 13 month dd in it recently.
Erin's dh, Sean, speaking (I have my own id but it'd be a hassle to sign off and on again, blahblahblah). Thought it might be helpful to offer reasons why I like the Ellaroo. First, it's big enough; I am big-boned *and* fat, so I need a lot of material. The main thing, though, is that it has a better grip than the rebozo (at least our acrylic one -- dw swears by acrylic for the rebozo), staying in position when twisted, tied or wrapped over portions of itself -- the rebozo slides too much.

Also, I do love the front cross carry; I discovered it during Grace's last days of slinging, when she fell asleep, and I was able to cuddle her while carrying her, and I live on hugs. With practice, I can easily lift Eve into and out of it, and can now even leave it knotted, as I have developed the knack of putting it on by looping it around myself. Also, I tried it the other day and Grace still fits! (She gets taller, but apparently her butt still isn't much bigger than Eve's.)
Mine are too old/big to sling nowadays. But when they were new I slung them everywhere. Both boogers were little heaters as it was, the commercial slings made them cook even in the winter, and I thought I was gonna die. In the summer, a simple sarong wrapped over the shoulder worked best (lightweight cloth in the heat).
My husband is very tall and slim, and he loves his Over the Shoulder Baby Holder---used the large size in winter (when he and baby were bundled up) but is using my medium size now in this warmer weather.
I'm wearing my son as I type

I've got one of the "Nojo" "Original Babyslings".

ds seems to really enjoy snuggling into this thing and going to sleep.

As he less than two weeks old, we haven't taken him many places,
but around the house, the sling is incredibly handy (or should I say, hand-less.... sorry, terrible pun there) :LOL

anyhow, babywearing dad right here!
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