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Here's a greatYarn Ball Pattern. If you have *really* short scraps of yarn, you can use them to stuff said yarn balls, too.

I have to plug a charity I'm involved with, though: it's called Children In Common, and its purpose is to send warm wooled knitted items (mostly socks and vests) to orphans in Eastern European orphanages. It's very, very cold inside the orphanages, and the children don't have many warm clothes, so every pair of socks or vest we send helps warm another child.

CIC does request that all knitted items (with the exception of toys, which are also needed, but not as much as warm clothes) be at least 50% wool (or other animal fiber), and the higher the percentage the better. So this is really only a good option for those of you with wool oddballs.

I love making socks for CIC because they are small (less than six inches long in the foot) and take almost no time at all (I can make one, and sometimes even two, in an evening). You can combine your scraps and make wonderfully wild-colored socks; you can experiment with new stitches/patterns, or you can make plain vanilla stockinette-stitch socks. And any size you make will be used -- until they wear out! -- by somebody.

There's a Yahoo! Group devoted to CIC knitting, if anyone's interested. Feel free to PM me directly, too.

Whatever you do, have fun getting creative with your scraps!
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