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Any Eastern PA mamas heading to the Nurse-In in NYC?

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I know there's already a thread about the Nurse-In itself, I don't mean to usurp that
But, I wanted to start a thread calling out the fact that some of us are travelling up , and invite anybody else from the area to caravan with us or meet us up there. My planned route is rt. 663-309-78. So, if any Lehigh Valley mamas want to meet up to caravan, Coopersburg would be a good place. I'll probably be there at about 6:45 am. PM me if you're interested, and we can plan a place and swap cell phone numbers.
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Hm. I hadn't thought about going, since I don't want to risk it with my clunky old un-inspected beastie. But I'm in Scranton, if anyone's coming through and wants to grab us.
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I'm in NJ (about 20 minutes from the Pa border off of 78) and am looking for someone to go in with. Are you planning to take the train once in Jersey?

PM me and I'll give you my number so we could arrange it.

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