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Any good book suggestions?!

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Anyone have any good book suggestions? I have tried doing the Flylady program with no success. I throw tons of stuff away but can never figure how to get organized and clutter free and it is driving me crazy and causes me so much stress. I am busy (going to school online full time and am a SAHM to two girls) and I need a clutter free life!
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I really liked:

'It's All Too Much' by Peter Walsh

Clutter's Last Stand by Don Aslett

The Simple Living Guide
I was also going to recommend the first 2- It's All too Much and Clutters Last Stand~ I'll have to check out the 3rd one....each clutter book I read seems to give me a new handle to grasp- and I borrow them from the library so the books don't become more clutter!

I'd do a search on amazon for adhd and organization, there was one I read which I got alot of good ideas from but can't remember the title.
Looked it up:

I usually search like that, then read the reviews and then see if my library network has the books that look promising

Good luck!

PS You can glean quite a bit from shows like Hoarders and Clean Sweep too
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I also like Clutter Busting by Brooks Palmer, and Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui by Karen Kingston.
Thanks for the suggestions. That is funny...Don Aslett is my Dad's boss. I have read a few of his books but not Clutter's Last Stand.
Clutter Busting by Brooks Palmer
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I second the suggestion of "Its All Too Much" by Peter Walsh.
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All of the Elaine St. James books are good. I like her first one the best though.
The Organizing Sourcebook by Waddill

Because while it's great to have a ton of ideas on how to deal with say, a pile of mail, it'll do you no good unless you're solving your actual problem.

TOS walks you through simple basic guidelines for looking at the things you need to get done in your life and setting up systems for making them work.

For instance, she gives an example of three different messy dining room tables. Three different solutions:
In one, the dining room was reconfigured as an office
In another, better lighting was put in the room that was supposed to be the office,
in the third, they used a rolling filing cart so that work could be done out where mom could be with the kids, but then all the office stuff tucked away quickly when the bills were paid.

It will greatly improve the usefulness of any of the other books.
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