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Any Good? Free University classes online?

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Hi mamas- I'm looking for your input...

I just came across this article that highlights 10 Universities that offer free writing classes online. It looks like you don't have to register for the classes, so I'm not sure how they work. Some of the universities are MIT, Purdue, Univ. of Utah and E-Zine university (for web writing I guess)

Has anyone done anything like this? Do you have any feedback on whether it was a good investment of your time?
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I haven't done any free classes but I was an undergrad at the University of Utah and took an online creative writing class my senior year. It was a decent class, but not the same class as if offered now for free, apparently. Mine had fewer assignments and no poetry assignments...

IMO I've never felt like I got nearly as much out of writing classes as I have out of simply writing and exchanging critiques with peers.
thanks for the input...

You bring up a good point about just writing and getting input from fellow writers...I'll have to think about that
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