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Any hand quilter's?

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For Christmas this year we decided we were making gifts. It was my MIL's idea and I thought it was fabulous. We always spend too much money and I hate the commercialism of it all. Plus the competition with my sibblings to outdo each other with our parents.

I have decided to make a photo quilt for both sets of parents. I have never quilted before, but I thought it would be a great family project the girls and I could do together.

I want to hand quilt it since my machine is very unreliable. I also thought hand quilting would be a better way to get the girls involved.

So, how do I get started? Would I sew the basic quilt together and then hand quilt the stitch designs? Do you think I'm biting off more than I can chew? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Are you wanting to hand piece and hand quilt?
You could tie the quilt instead of hand quilting it. That is a good time saver and is just as "old school".

Photo quilts are such a cool memory maker. Are you intending it to be a wall or a bed quilt?
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I really wanted it as a lap quilt. Something the grandma's could curl up with on a cold night whilt watching TV. So, maybe a single sized quilt. I never thought of tie'ing it. That would work and it would be such a time saver. I suppose we could do a hand quilted boarder and then tie the body of it. I can get my machine to do a straight stitch that's reliable.

My biggest question is how would I assemble it? Could I piece together large squares and make the quilt, then hand stitch the picture squares on top? I was thinking I could arrange the pictures in a scattered pattern, as if you were looking at a bunch of photos sprawled out on the floor. However, I know I won't be able to cut it into the actual quilt.
I did this last christmas and boy were they a hit!!! I used this square in a square block, set on the diagonal with the picture as the center square. Sorry if that doesn't make any sense, but stupid me forgot to take pics before I gave them away
. Actually I'm going to be at my mom's house this weekend. I could try and take a pic and post it when we get back if you'd like.

I used this stuff to print the pics...way cheaper than the stuff you buy at Joanns and they came out so crisp and bright!

I tied the quilts. I've never actually quilted a quilt and time was short as I didn't get the idea until just before thanksgiving! Another time-saver was using the birthing method to put the three layers together instead of binding it.

Good luck!
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Thankyou, that's such a big help. I would love to see pics if you can get them. Thanks. I'm in Canada so I will have a friend of mine send the paper and set liquid up to me. That's exactly what I was looking for in terms of the product to use. I think the square in a block would be perfect for this. I can't get the "birthing method" to show. Do you think if I went to a quilting store they could explain it to me?
No problem, I will post pics when we get back on monday. If I forget, just post reminding me and I will get the email notification

As for the birthing method, I'm sure a quilt store could tell you, but if they are all quilt snobby I'm sure they'll tell you it's a horrible thing to do or something. Don't you know you must custom hand make and hand sew your quilt binding? :LOL Anyway, just google "birthing a quilt" and you should get a ton of links.
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