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Any high calorie foods that are also nutritious?

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I know avocado is one of them, but what are others that can be blended up and feed through a gtube for a 16mth old for added calories? I haven't tried any nut butters yet, worry about some allergic reaction.
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Add olive oil to any veggie puree and you got yourself a high calorie/nutritious snack.
coconut- milk or virgin oil would be easiest, but the actual meat ground/blended very well would be great too.
oh, and if you do dairy, raw milk yogurt.
You do mean olive oil right? What about Flax oil? I will do the virgin olive oil and see how that goes first. How much can I add to lets say an ounce of food? Will check to see where I can find the coconut milk, I think I seen some at the local store but will double check. If not, guess I could by a coconut huh? If not, I'm sure Whole Foods sells it. He has a dairy allergy I hope he overcomes very soon! Thanks for the info!
There are other kinds of butter . . . soy nut butter comes to mind.
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i meant virgin coconut oil... it can be hard to find in stores although if you have a whole foods near you they probably would carry some (and would definitly have coconut milk). flax seed oil would be good too, but if you aren't vegetarian a high vitamin cod liver oil would be a better choice as they are generally higher in essential fatty acids.
With the olive oil I'm not sure how much you could add. With any of the oils you may get a change in poops when there's too much. It might be good with a binder like banana or rice.
coconut is very beneficial for anyone with digestive issues. It has lauric acid-one of the fatty acids found in breastmilk, and caprylic acid-which aids in yeast control. I would buy a young coconut and do it yourself to have all the enzymes intact. That can make all the difference in the world for your little one. IT's very easy and then you can just puree the very soft meat with the coconut water which is very nutritious and high in electrolytes.
Ditto on the cod liver oil. Flax oil contains ALA which your body must convert to DHA/EPA. Any compromised system won't make that conversion easily. You are better off getting it from the source. IT's also high in vitamins A and D which are essential for proper mineral absorption. It's also safe to use on even tiny babies-we used it from birth on dd.
can you make a homemade chicken soup and then blend up some of the chicken, some veggies, broth, nutritional yeast and coconut milk *if wanting it creamy*; freeze in portion sizes?

what about cream of (wheat/oatbran/quinoa) using coconut milk?

we use both goat and coconut milk due to allergies to both cow dairy and soy.

another nut butter you may look into is SUNBUTTER made with sunflower seeds.

another option maybe would be to blend up some beans and add the oils of choice like the cod liver, flax, grapeseed, olive, or coconut.
I do have Sunbutter here, a 4lb tub, wasn't sure if that was something that would be okay to give him. I will try that and also look for coconut milk/oil. Thanks for all the info! I should try to blend in the magic bullet the chicken soup next time I make it. I am making chicken today, I can make his seperately and then add the steamed veggies and blend them up. Maybe I can get it creamy enough to go through such a small line without clogging it. I boiled 4 eggs this morning for Noah since thats what he asked for breakfast and then took one of the egg yolks out and blended it up with some formula and gave that to Jonathon through his gtube.
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