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Any ideas about low weight gain?

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My sister just had her baby on 9/30. She was 8lbs 15 oz. She had her 2 week appt yesterday and only weighed just over 8 lbs. My sis is worried about her regaining her birthweight. I told her not to worry... she is having plenty of wet/dirty dipes and seems content after nursing! Her pediatrician said that she should just keep doing what she is doing! When I go to it says that she should be gaining 4-6 oz a week... I don't want her to worry too much.... any other websites or books that talk about the different need of different babies?
: I am just looking to calm her mind! She is being the naturally nervous new mom

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If I did the math right, and the baby has gone from 8lb 15oz to 8lb then she's lost 10.5% of her bodyweight. You say she's "just over" 8lb so it'd be less than 10% really.

Usually babies lose about 7%. Over 10% is usually a signal to evaluate feedings. Usually peds start to worry at 10% and overreact. I'm sure her ped is following the baby's weight gain. LCs would start to evaluate BF checking the baby's latch and feeding schedule. I've heard some babies can take 3 weeks to regain birthweight.

Perhaps the ped is less worried because the baby was big. My dd was 6lb 3oz and when she'd lost 10% by discharge, the peds had me going back for daily weight checks.

When is her next weight check? If the baby is still losing, I'm sure the ped has scheduled a follow up appt, right?

If she's a new nervous mom, then I'd recommend she go to LLL, ring up a leader. Are you geographically close to her? Does she have anyone around her who is/has BF and can reassure her? Does she have access to a hospital LC who can evaluate her BF? Just to put her mind at rest. When I had dd, it was hard for me to know when she was swallowing, and she was sleepy so the LCs were very helpful.
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Weight gain should be calculated from the lowest weight in the hospital. If this baby lost a lot initially (and often the weight "lost" in the first day or two may not be a true loss if mom got lots of IV fluids in labor), the gain in the subsequent two weeks may be completely appropriate figuring from the lowest postpartum weight.

Dr. Jack Newman has lots of good information on about how to increase baby's efficiency at the breast.
Thanks for the replies! I have refered her to newmans website as well as encouraging her to register here and post her questions! The doc's didn't seem to worried from what she told me, I think that the fact that her dd wasn't up to standard kind of freaked her out! Each babe is different!

Thanks again!

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