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any ideas for tired/whiney toddler

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i thought we had a good routine down. it was going really great!

well now my son hates going to sleep? no changes...we have been doing everything the same. it takes him like an hour to fall asleep. yesterday i laid with him for over an hour for his nap and he didn't fall asleep so i gave up on his nap. then we went to the mall to pass the time. i kept him awake in the car so he would go to bed early. he fell asleep at 8pm. then today he woke up before 6am. he is soooo whiney and obviously tired. now i have to go to the midwife appointment so i can't put him down for a nap. i hope he falls asleep in the car. any tips?!

i would love to just let him sleep whenever but this is the result!!! i'm pretty tired too but the whining just compounds it.
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ha no replies?

i thought about it on the way to the apointment...i think i need to do more bedtime stories. maybe he needs to be more relaxed to fall asleep.

i just found out today my thyroid is screwed up so hopefully i will be feeling better once i get that under control.

he is still awake even after riding in car. the appointment took allll morning. we are going to probably nap after this and maybe we will be more pleasant people. i'm surprised i didn't hit a car or something. i just feel out of it completely.
Wish I could help...I'm in the same boat.
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Originally Posted by boongirl
While she is going to sleep, I read a book or two to her and then sit next to her and read my own book while she falls asleep.
i have thought about trying this. i'm afraid even a book light will keep him awake. but it might make the time more pleasurable for me.
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