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Any ideas what this might be?

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I have been *taking* the flu for about a month now- but it never really turns into a real flu.

Starting about 4-5 weeks ago I've had episodes of really bad body aches and pains, lasting all day, then severe shakes and chills (the first time I was SURE it was a flu), then I'm really exhausted but almost completely better by the next day. It's happened 4 times now.

I hate to go to a doctor, but I'm starting to worry. Thought maybe the wise women here would have some ideas.

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Any fever? Any signs of plugged ducts (I saw you were nursing). Maybe you are fighting off mastitis. Came to my mind only because I feel like *I* may be the last day or so.
You didn't have the flu shot, did you?

It sure sounds like the flu is trying to get a hold on you. Sometimes it does take several weeks.

I would start with the SA powd. and not stop until it is all over with.
No, not much of a fever (as far as I can tell by DH putting his wrist on my forehead!), but I hadn't thought of mastitis. There doesn't seem to be a problem there, but I'll keep checking.

We don't do vax's, so not the flu shot. I'm going to try the SA and see if it helps- thanks for the advice.

Anything to avoid the Doc!
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