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Any input on a trip to kauai with a 10 month old babe?

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Hello mamas,
My df and I are takeing little otis to the islands for our first family vacation. We decided on kauai and before we book our tickets (trip is the end of august, first week in sept) I was wondering if any of you experienced mamas have any input for me.

Have you been to kauai?
Where did you stay?
What activites did you do?
Best Restauraunts?

I want to be off of working as well( cooking and cleaning and that bit) so we are thinking at staying at a resort close to the beach. We just want a really relaxing visit. We will have a rental car for a day of adventures but other than that we are thinking beach and pool and lots of relaxing and naps
. And of course lots of protection from the sun for the little one.

Any input mamas?
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Oooooh, you guys will have a great time!!!! Kauai is great, I used to go every summer when my grandma lived there. Are you looking to stay at a budget place or more upscale? Try googling Poipu or Kapaa, or if you want to spend more money up north is great like Hanalei near Princeville. You can drive up and down the island within a day so anywhere you stay is nice. I'm not too sure about restaurants, but hopefully other people will have more ideas.
Have fun!
Oh, here are some links:
We just got back from Oahu. It was such a nice break from New England weather for us. Though we rented a house instead. Sounds like you'll have a wonderful time!

- krista
Kauai is a great place to visit. I'm on Oahu btw.

Have you been to kauai? Yes, a while back but I recall it being very green and beautiful.

Where did you stay? We stayed at a small hotel. Gah! The name of the place escapes me.

What activites did you do? Hike, walk, drive around, picnic...

Best Restauraunts? Am drawing another blank here. Lots of help to you, right?

You might want to check out the North Country Farms Bed and Breakfast in Kilauea.
I was just looking at their website because DH and I were thinking of taking a trip to the neighbor islands. We'd like to stay at a place that's organic and eco-friendly and this place seems to be though I haven't stayed there yet.
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Bookgoddess- You are a help!!! Thats a great site and one that my df would probally love to go to, he is very into organic. Yay Im so excited. Thanks for the info

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i live here and it's a great place for kids. I know you want to relax but try to set aside a day to drive up Waimea canyon to Kokee. The views are absolutely unbelieveable. There's also great hiking all over the island-- from easy to strenuous. Poipu Beach is popular for little ones-- very protected swimming areas- like a pool really. And some fun snorkeling and shore diving is nearby. I prefer the north part of the island though-- it's just more tropical and lush (hanalei, kilauea areas are lovely).

My fav restaurants (all casual) are Olympic Cafe, Mermaid Cafe (both kapaa) and on the north shore Tropical Taco and the Polynesian cafe (hanalei). Kintaro's is great for dinner but the wait can be long-- go early with your little guy to beat the rush.

pm me if you have more questions.
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We went to Kauai BB (before baby) and had a wonderful time, I can totally imagine going there with Julie and having a blast

We were cashing in some frequent flier miles so we stayed at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa. WOW...double WOW. It was the most fantastic relaxing vacation I have ever had. Even if you can afford one or two nights there it would be worth it IMHO, and stay somewhere cheaper the rest of the time.

Most of our time was spent exploring the island in our rented Jeep or getting massages at the spa. I did a lot of swimming which was very relaxing, too.

We LOVED going to the town of Koloa to a little fish market there, not even really a restaurant, and buying seared ahi tuna by the pound and just going somewhere to have a sushi picnic.

Definitely get a copy of the blue book, we found it to be EXTREMELY helpful:

Have a great time!!!
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I apologize that I don't have tips. Just wanted to say how jealous I am!!!
I hope you will do us all a great favor and post your trip details upon return. We could learn about Kauai, and learn how traveling with a baby can be when traveling on vacation!
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Thanks for all the great replies. I will most def post pics and a blog of our trip when we return. Im so excited about it

Sciencemama- I still have a few questions and appreciate your willingness to help. Maybe I will fall in love with the place and then I can have an IRL friend who does NFL/AP. That would rock!!!!
I will pm you later.
Thanks again Ladies
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We did this at Christmas (With 9 month old, 28, month old, and 7 year old) Plus ILs and SILs and BILs (13 of us total). THis was the 2 nd time we had been to Kauai. Last time we stayed at Poipu, in a condo/resort place. It was really nice - had a pool, but crappy beach acess. THis time we rented houses (one for us, one for everyone else) on the northshore between Kapaa and Hanalei. THis had awesome beach access and a hot tub.

I will try to add more tonight, I have to head to town, now!
I took dd1 to Maui when she was 10 months too!

A few tips:
1. Rent a condo or a house, not a hotel. I don't know about your dd, but the thought of three meals (or even two) with a 10 month old was more than I could bear. In Maui they had great farmer's markets with fish and great tropical fruit and I really enjoyed having a kitchen. We saved lots of money on food this way.

2. Bring a backpack for hiking. We took lots of nice hikes and just walked on the beach. Having the backpack helped lots.

3. I brought a pack n play for naps and the beach and it was really nice to have too. Dd could sleep at the beach with a big towel thrown over the pack n play and that was really nice.

I love Hawaii and the beach in general with kids. We are off to FL in three weeks for a long weekend. Can't wait to show dd2 the ocean!
I would rent a condo too. I absolutely loved it there - 6 months pregnant. We did more adventure traveling not just sitting and relaxing on the beach. I actually kayaked the 17 mile Napali Coast at 26 weeks - it was fantastic. I loved the Waimea Canyon, too and say that it is a must.

I am jealous!
jess, do you have a link to those houses you rented on the north shore?
we are traveling to hawaii (maui, hawaii, and kauai) in may with a 9 month old. we're staying w/ friends on the other 2 islands, but i'm still trying to figure out where to stay in kauai. that organic farm sounds great and i'm going to try for a couple nights there, but i also want to have some beach access/hot tub action for part of the stay.
all this imput is very helpful for us, too. thanks
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Originally Posted by riverundine
jess, do you have a link to those houses you rented on the north shore?
we are traveling to hawaii (maui, hawaii, and kauai) in may with a 9 month old. we're staying w/ friends on the other 2 islands, but i'm still trying to figure out where to stay in kauai. that organic farm sounds great and i'm going to try for a couple nights there, but i also want to have some beach access/hot tub action for part of the stay.
all this imput is very helpful for us, too. thanks

My ILs rented them, but I will ask them and get back to you!
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I've heard that it's not a good idea to travel with a 10 month old baby, many hours flying, etc. I've especially heard that Kauai is not the best place to take a family, what with all the ruffians about. Too much sun tends to make 10 month old babies overly tired and cranky, and when they're exhausted they have a difficult time regulating themselves biologically, and their ability to absorb information drops to almost nil. This is a critical time for learning, for meeting developmental milestones, for reaching important stages of growth. I know you care about your DC and don't want to do anything that might jeapordize his/her ability to meet his/her potential.

Therefore, I have to give my two cents that I think this whole trip is a bad idea. Your 10 month old just isn't at the right place for it-- developmentally, and really, you probably need to avoid jet lag anyway. My almost 7 1/2 month old, however, is at the prefect age to be going to Kauai, and so I know you won't mind if we use your tickets in your place. And god knows I sure could use a vacation. I'll PM with the needed info. Sorry hon, maybe next year you can go. I'll send you a postcard. (I've been to Kauai twice, it rocks, you're going to
it, have fun).
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InDaPhunk- You threw me for a loop there
, I was wondering what the heck, then I read the end of your post. Im so excited, we are booking the tickets today

So we have the tickets set and a car but no reservations yet., i really wanted to try and stay at the organic farm but beach access is a half mile away and I really wanted it closer. Am I being picky? Yes its the first real vacation Ive been on in years and I want it to be great and it will be!!!!!!

I think Df wants to get married while we are there
We were supposed to be married last yr in hawaii but our little bean came along and the doc told me no flying, I was just to sick. So we will see. It would be just the three of us at the wedding, nice and personal.

Im so excited, so excited, so excited!!!
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we stayed at kiahuna plantation which is on poipu beach. it was great and perfect for a family--- kitchen, reasonably priced and lots of open space to run around. have fun!

oh yeah, we didn't have kids at the time so our activities were grown up stuff like kyaking (sp?)and horseback riding and long hikes but i'm sure there's stuff to do with a baby--- epecially if you have a good pack like an ergo or something. all the food was amazing. we had a good meal at Roy's, but everywhere we ate was yummy.
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mommy65- is kiahuna plantation right on the beach? If not how far away is the beach access. I do have an ergo! Yay so we will be able to hike a bit and such. Thanks for the great tip of roys. Im off to e google the plantation and learn more.

We booked our tickets!!!!!

Oh, I am jealous - we went last year when I was 23 wks pregnant and it was heaven.

1. Stick to the north shore. The south shore was so touristy, much like So. Cal to me. Up north it was like another world. If I had to go again I would stick to the N. Shore and only take a daytrip south.

2. Na Pali boat trip was the most amazing thing for me, the worst for DH (who spent four hours puking off the back). V. Rough though, so not sure about doing it with a babe.

3. Agreed with everyone about condo's. Kauai is expensive enough without having to eat out every meal. Even groceries are $$$$.

4. We stayed at the Hanalei Colony Resort - we were right off the beach (not swimming beach, but it was beautiful). I got a massage and salt glow at tha spa there....the best spa treatment ever.

5. Snorkling at Tunnels beach was excellent - you and dh could take turns??

6. The hike to Kalalaw was unbelievable - but hard and long. You might be able to do parts of it with baby in backpack - I did it preggo and saw some families with kiddos in packs.

7. We rented a Jeep which was fun, but probably not necessary.

I'm off to bed now and can't remember much more right now...but feel free to pm me if you want to ask questions.
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