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Any interest in a kids clothes swap?

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I have a 4 yr old dd and 12 week old ds. I've given a lot of dd's clothes away but still have a lot. The little guy has already outgrown some. I have mostly girls 12 months and younger, and some 18 months - 3T. I have little guy stuff through size 6-9 months.

I'm interested in girls 4T up to size 6 and boys 12 months through 2T.

Anyone interested in trading or having a swap meet? If there was enough interest I could host it at my house - I have quite a bit of room.

I could post on the TP but then I'd have to bother with the post office...

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I'll go ahead and chime in. I'm definitely interested. I have boys sizes 2-8 in bags and ready to g.o. yesterday! Very nice stuff, some Hanna and Oilily...also shoes. I'm in need of gu size 4/5 and 9 summer wear with no logos, prefer cotton.

Just incase we match!
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Anyone else interested?

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