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Any interest in Little People..lots of them..A castle & Farm too!

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I can take pictures tomorrow, but we are sping cleaning (actually cleaning for Justins
Little People
Farm (older one, doesnt make noise
king and queen
tractor x 2
and more..
Picture Below
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interested in the castle and accessories. also fences
interested in people farm and fences. be in touch!
I'd be interested in one of the tractors if it is still availble
I would love to know what's left and your prices. It all looks great!
sorry it took so long, been kinda fuzzy all week, had my gallbladder out monday...

The castle, king, queen, and horse/knight are pending.

the farm is still available
added some more fp items.

The smaller tractor w/ girl is sold, also the cat, bunny, and 2 brown horses.

Prices are very negiotable

Just let me know what your interested in...
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