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Any interest in starting an ongoing sewing/crafting swap list?

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If so, post here
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It wont let me post
I dont think I have been here long enough? Not sure, but I would defintely be interested! I have waaay WAY more fabric and supplies then I can ever possibly use (and I just took a trip to the fabric store and spent $30 YIKES!). Can anyone help?
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Kathryn- I *think* its because you need 50 posts to be able to join...
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Kathryn - you need to have 50 posts and have been here 60 days before you can see/post on the TP forums (including the swap forums). I'm sorry! But it looks like you'll have your 60 days in about a month, so get your posts up there! (this is my "keep up your morale" speech :LOL )
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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