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I was supposed to split a kit w/ a nother mama here, but she ended up not being able to pay. I'd like to get what I paid for them, which is about $20 per doll kit, plus shipping. I have 2 caucasion skin tones knit and one that is already presewn in the dark brown (I'd like $23 for this one) kits w/ premade heads and premade wigs (2 brown, one light brown, all mohair tuft). THey are 9" button babies, and include the buttons, wool, floss, ect. Basically everything except the pattern.

I also have a stuffing tool for $6 and 2 of the blue bear costumes to fit 9" dolls for $10 each.

Shipping isn't included, but if you are interested please PM me and we can probaby work something out. I just really need to unload these, as I didn't need them in the first place
No time! I took pics of the lot, too, and can e-mail them if you PM me your e-mail addy.

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