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any knowledge of Ketones???

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I am not feeling well for a couple of days. minor head cold. I am a type 1 diabetic (late onset--dxd 2 y/a) I have never had any Ketones in my urine, well, since I was diagnosed. I have been under a huge amount of stress.

So, this morning, I do my thing.....take my insulin. My sugar is high so I give some short acting insulin. I haven't eaten yet, but am feeling crappy, so I check it again a while later. It is high again. Puzzling. So I decide I should check for Ketones. I have "moderate' ketones in my urine. Everything I have ever read says to go to the hospital if you have moderate or high ketones. But I really don't want to go. Can I get rid of them by just keeping on top of my sugars? Has anyone ever had to deal with this? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

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I've no advice, only
. My DH is a Type 1 diabetic as well. He was diagnosed 2 years ago as well during his cancer treatment. He was spilling massive amounts of ketones in his urine. He also smelled very metallic-y from it as well. We did end up in the hospital, but at the time he wasn't on insulin, so I've no idea if you can stay on top of this yourself. I wish you luck!
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with tons of water and lots of insulin ( strange, since I haven't eaten carbs, just high for some reason) I have been able to reduce the ketone spillage, so I think I am okay for now. I will get to the drs tomorrow, just for information on how to actually do it the right way. All the books I have just said to go to the hospital for fluids. I figure I will if I really feel I have to, but tons of distilled water seems to do the trick.

have you read any of the science behind the atkins diet? the main theory behind how atkins works is by putting the body into ketosis state. maybe that could help you understand what is going on at the biochemical level...??? sorry i don't have any specific suggestions for you... hope you get things figured out soon, though.

Sorry, I have no information concerning Ketones.

But a while back I read about a tea that is supposed to be very beneficial for diabetes.

It's called Momodica Tea or Bitter Melon Tea. Maybe it's worth a try?
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