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any legally knowledable mamas......? re: providing day care

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Does anyone know if it's the parents indivisual responsibility to provide care for their child on their parenting time or if one parent is availible does that parent automatically HAVE to care for the child?
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Hmmm.... not exactly sure what situation you're talking about but I can tell you what's supposed to happen with me and x. If x has Owen and can't care for him (gets called into work, ect) then he MUST bring Owen back to me- he CANNOT leave him with his mother/father/sister/friend/ect. I'm really not sure if the reverse is true. When we went to court he had in the papers his lawyer wrote that he wanted first dibs if I can't care for Owen (ok, not those exact words!) but in the papers my lawyer wrote in response she asked that that not be true. I don't even remember going over it in court so I honestly have no clue. Hmmmm... I'll be interested in the responses to this!
Florida guidelines say "if the child is in daycare, then the same daycare shall be made available to the non-custodial parent during his/her period of exercising summer visitation, and the custodial parent shall continue to pay the cost thereof as during the rest of the year."

It doesn't say anything about regular visitations, just the summer. Guess they assume that the non-custodial parent should be visiting with the children and not working during the shorter visits.

My stbx keeps demanding to keep DD when I get a job and saying that I better not leave her with anyone else. I have not found anything yet that says I have to listen to his crapola.
another, in my situation, he has to split the cost of daycare, should I return to work fulltime. When it is my time, as I am the primary parent, unless I voluntarily give the kids to him, I choose who has them when I can't be with them..they do not automatically go to him. He also has to make arrangements on the weekends if he cannot be with them during his visitation,they do not automatically stay with me should he have to work or something...he can choose that option, but it is not automatic..and believe me, he'd never choose that
, usually if he has to work, they stay with his parents.

I am so damn sorry you are in this place, please know I am here for you.. you know I have been through every part of this crap, and so I will try to give you any advice I can, k? You are not alone, mama.
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Freebird, you don't have to listen to his crapola. When it is your parenting time, you choose who the child stays with. Period. When it is his time, he chooses. I don't know why Fl says the custodial parent is responsible for all daycare costs...we have to split the costs here in NJ.

My ex had a problem with dropping the kids at my moms after his visitation when I didn't get back in time once or twice. He actually refused at one time.. and all my mom had to do was show the police my parenting order, saying that the children are to be returned to me by 7 pm Sun..and I also included a letter giving my mom permission to act on my behalf at anytime should I not be available... that they immediately made him turn the kids over to my mom. He has not pulled that stunt again, because he knows he has no legal leg to stand on.
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