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Any long-term family-bed/cosleep people?

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Just wondering if there's a thread for this or if anyone's interested in dicussing it?

We started out cosleeping with my youngest and a few months later switched to family-bed for the older 2 as well. We have NO plans on changing that until/unless they ask. we're just plain comfy with it (heck, it's only sleep!) and feel MUCH more secure in this than we did before.

Anyone else?
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Not sure if this is a long-term as you're talking about, but DS#1 is 6 (and a half, he'd shout) and still in the family bed ... along with his 3 younger sibs ... he is trying to move out, occasionally tries to fall asleep on the couch (we even open it up for him if he wants), but generally ends up back with the rest of us before the night is out.

Moving out of the family bed is each individual's choice, we figure ... we kind of like it the way it is ... crowded and chaotic though it may be ...

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We have coslept with our 2-year old son and are expecting another boy in late August. Since #1 will turn 3 in late September, we think we'll all cosleep until then, but on his birthday, we're "surprising" him with the final installation of a "treehouse bed" in his bedroom, so he can have his very own big boy bed if he chooses. We're telling him that he's old enough at his 3rd bday to have this very own big boy bed, and whether this really takes will be up to him. Either way, we've enjoyed cosleeping, will continue to do so until he's ready to move on, and will do the same with #2.

Just thought I'd offer our own story!
yep! we like to think we're pros here! we coslept with dd until she was old enough to decide she wanted her own bed (she was 3) then she slept in her own bed in our room until 4 days ago... now she decided she's ready to sleep in her own bed, in her own room! we also currently cosleep with ds, 4 months old. I love cosleeping, have always done it and I believe it's the best! will do the same with ds (until he decides to leave the FB himself) and with any other babes we have in the future...
Most people think we're CRAZY with a capital *C* :LOL

thing is, I did CIO with my twins (I've had many epiphanies since then) and we've struggled their WHOLE life with sleep issues. Within a week of moving their bed into our room we were all sleeping through the night.
I was really stupid to resist it for so long!

They're 5 and change now, and we see no end in sight. Honestly if they're teens and still sleeping on a bed beside ours, I don't care! We're all *sleeping*, they're secure should there be a fire or intruder, they're close should they have a medical emergency (croup, asthma attack, etc) and most of all they feel secure.

So I was just hoping that here, at the home of the natural, there would be more like us! Glad to know there are!
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My 8 year old just began sleeping in his own bed a couple of months ago. And, more often than not, he's in our bed by morning.

So, it's the 5 of us in bed in the morning, usually. Except for space issues (king size) I prefer him in our room. But, if he wants to be in his--so be it.
Both of my kids are still sleeping with us.

I slept with my parents until I was 9.
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Well, my older child is only 3, but I believe in child-led weaning, not only when it comes to breastfeeding, but also when it comes to bedsharing. So, my kids will sleep with me for as long as they want.
Great to see so many others!

How do you all handle the issue when you have company over or with relatives that visit?

So far we've just said that's what we're doing and they've left it, but some (especially MIL/stepFIL) are constantly asking if we're "still" doing it (as if it was temporary?).

I feel like there should be some better way to explain it so they GET IT and back off.
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My older boys slept with us /or with me & each other in bunk beds till the youngest was 6ish.

I then had their little sister & sleep with her (she is now 5 )in her room on the twin bed.
My husband has the king size one in the master bedroom --we used to sleep in there with him but he gets up WAY to early & is noisy -(and dd was waking him up ).

I had a house full of company last week & we all slept with the kids (brother in law & wife & their 2 kids slept in our king size bed --my dh slept in the 12 year olds room -I slept in dd's room as usual)

Originally Posted by NatureMamaOR
Great to see so many others!

How do you all handle the issue when you have company over or with relatives that visit?
It actually works out great...we have 5 bedrooms and only use one!

It's not an issue, really, people who know me know better than to question my practices.
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How do you all handle the issue when you have company over or with relatives that visit?
Actually, it works out well, because we have an extra free bed! (mind you a scooby doo bed with all the fixins. It was hysterical to see my grown brother fast asleep underneath a scooby doo comforter :LOL

No one says anything, at least not yet. And my youngest who is 6 is just a bit different that his brother and sister who mostly slept with us when they were nursing or as they got older, were sick. but we love having his little lanky warm body snug as a bug in bed with us. I kiss him constantly as his face is inches away from mine (oh and i can squeeze that cute but of his too!).
co-sleepin' mamas.. do you own a crib? or do you just let them nap in the FB too?
:LOL it would probably help stem questions if we had other beds, but we don't! :LOL no mon, no fun!

We *own* a crib... somewhere... but we never even dragged it out. We kept procrastinating and once he arrived we realized there was NO WAY he was sleeping anywhere but with us. He's always napped either in my arms (about 90% of naps) or on the bed.

well, occasionally on the floor now, as he's of the age for nap attacks. :LOL
LMB's, we had a crib in our room, then in the kids room, and they napped in there.
Yep! My daughter will be 11 this year and is often sleeping in my bed. She will often start in her own bed, but come into mine around 2 o4 3 am or so. My oldest is now 13 (in 2 weeks) and he has preferred his own space for several years now, but he still can come in my bed whenever he wants or needs to. If they are sick, they are both in my bed or at least in my room. Essentially, where they sleep is entirely up to them. I love snuggling up to my kiddos!

We haven't had too many comments on it from overnighters. I guess those folks who are close enough to stay overnight, already know that we do that so it's no issue. Some family members (that shall remain namless lol) have a problem with it, but I just couldn't care less about what they think
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We have a crib in our room that ds sleeps in for naps. He's 20 months now and we held him for naps up until a couple of months ago. But now he likes sleeping in his crib and sleeps very soundly. He likes to roll around and the crib rails keep him from falling out. At night he sleeps in our bed between dh and I so we keep him from rolling out. Seems to work for us.

Originally Posted by loving-my-babies
co-sleepin' mamas.. do you own a crib? or do you just let them nap in the FB too?
We don't have a crib...Dd just napped either in my arms or in the bed...usually I napped with her when she was in the bed but even if she was alone I didn't worry because our bed was on the floor against the wall. This time though I am not sure about the napping, we bought a bedroom suite since then and don't really have room to store it to put the bed on the floor and since I may be doing things with my Dd while Ds in napping I might want someplace for him to sleep. Luckily a friend has a nice cradle she will lend me so I will probably use that for some of his naps at least for the first few months.
We are in it for the long haul.
My dds are almost 28 months and almost 3 months. My dh is currently deployed but we look forward to him coming home and having one happy, well rested family. I don't see why people freak out about cosleeping or family beds..its just sleep. Don't you just love it when people do you have sex? I say You dont know how to have sex? LMAO. I always tell people that we have a wonderful sex life and the bed isnt the only place to have sex.
the bed is for sleeping!
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We sleep with DS #1 who is 2 and will soon be sleeping with 2 babies, as soon as the new onw is ready. Most of the family thinks we're crazy, but we like it this way. DS has recently started to put himself to sleep in our 'napping chair' in the living room at night- we'll just leave him there and when he wakes up he comes to bed with us. We don't even own a crib anymore- my mom bought us one and after a year we sold it, we really didn't need a laundry basket that large, LOL.

I am starting to hear the, "he's old enough for his own bed in his own room." but I pay about as much attention to that as I did to the BF advice from my FF family- none. It works for us, we ALL sleep better and my son is happy, healthy and secure in his place in the world- why would we want to change that?
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