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Any Mamas Who HS & Work PT?

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I am currently a WAHM with 2 young kids. I know I will be hs'ing them but I'm curious if anyone is in a similar situation with working PT. I typically need about 3 hrs of uninterrupted time to get my work done --sometimes less & I'm wondering if I can do both. Some days I think no problem other days---well I think I can't possibly do both. So any advice?
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Maybe me, soon.
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I did it when they were baby/preschooler, but when they were about 6 and 8, I really wanted the working to end. Lots of people do it, so it's quite possible. Depends on how much outside support you have, can you hire a mother's helper, can you work after bedtime, can you double up on a Saturday and do extra, etc etc.

It's much easier now that I'm not. But, my kids are older and our hsing requirements have increased/intensified. I think you have several more years before your kids are likely to have the same demands on time - ie driving to activities, longer periods of academic focus, etc.
I work 20-25 hours a week at the YMCA in the babysitting drop off department. All three kids go to work with me, so I do a little (sometimes very little) of our homschooling there. Mostly, we do the bookwork stuff after work though. It's not my ideal (I'd rather work 1-2 days a week), but it provides needed income without us having to have the kids with someone else.

Starting in June, I'm being promoted to be the one running the department, which will be the same number of hours but with more responsibility, so we'll see how I feel about it then.
We may be doing this as well. Both my dh and I work about 3/4 time so we would share the hsing. There's a yahoo group specifically for people who work and hs.
I do think it is possible. However, when I worked from home, I hired a babysistter so I could get work done uninterupted. The babysitter allowed me to keep a schedule and also provided peace that I would get my work done, regardless of the other chaos. Especially when the kids are young, I feel that play is so important, and the babysitter could be there for that, playing games, reading books, just as I would.
Well I don't work a paying job but I am in Nursing School full time and that is more than any full time job I've ever held, so yes it is possible. I get a lot of family support, that is what makes it work for me.
I've always worked and homeschooled. I worked fulltime until Rain was 8 (mostly from home), and then parttime for a while, and now I've worked fulltime for a year or so - actually more than fulltime
But in the summer I should be okay going parttime, so it will work out...

When I lived in California, at least 2/3 of the homeschooling moms I knew worked part-time or more... maybe 3/4.

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I work PT doing home daycare. I take children ages 5 and older, so I have some family time in the morning, which is ideal for me. I usually have daycare children here 6:30am-8am, and then 12:15-5pm. 2-3 times a week I'll have kids here until 7:30pm. I'm able to make a decent PT income while providing "socialization" for my own kids and usually do some of our more open ended activities to do during daycare with the other kids.

A daily routine, or even a set schedule, can help to keep things running smoothly. It would be helpful for everyone to know when you will be focusing on schooling and when you will be working, and everything in between. Most families use about 1 hour for each grade, so K would be about 1 hr a day(maybe not even 5 days a week) while 2nd may take up to 2-3 hrs a day, which does not have to be all at once.
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I'm almost in the same situation. Except that I just starting working full time on the grave shift.(so glad my kids sleep in LOL.) If they get up before I do, they quietly watch a tv show or play a game on the computer, or they play quietly in the house or back yard.
I work PT as the director of my church nursery. I do 10-15 hours a month from home, the rest onsite. I work anywhere from 20-40 hours/month. The kids can come with me, and often do-always on Sunday, and sometimes during the week so they can hang out with other kids.
I plan to work p/t for awhile soon, after that I'll be going to school and then getting a part-time job when my dh is off or wah (the field I'm going to go into is easily worked at home). If I have to work outside the home p/t I'll do so in the hours when dh can be there, preferably at night so that we can hs during the day. I am/will be in charge of the majority of the hsing so I need to be around during the day to teach/help direct.
This is a great thread, I'm considering becoming a childbirth educator and/or an on-call doula and possibly a breastfeeding consultant and/or pp doula. Whatever I may do, it would be part time, evenings and/or weekends as I would continue to stay home with my kids during the week while DH is at work. This is one of my issues with the idea of homeschooling, I always counted on going back to school or working when my kids were in school but now that I'm interested in HS'ing I've been looking at part-time ideas so I can still contribute financially and have something else to do in life
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Wow Thanks for all the replies. I like the idea of a mommy's helper. My thinking is that when they're older they won't mind someone else playing with them for a bit. Right now all they want is me & it's been a bit rough.
My kids are young too (2 yo and 1 yo). They really want to play with just me (and dh) but because my sister has been around so much they've grown to like playing with her. She's a young teenager so she's a different kind of fun than me, kwim? At first, they were reserved with her, they'd only seen her every few weeks or so before I started hsing her. But as time has gone on, they've grown to love playing with her. So, my suggestion if you're going to get a mother's helper is to work into it gently. Have her come over and play with the kids while you're playing too. Let her be the one to break out the really "fun" toys (whatever toy is most loved) and games a couple times. After the second or third time, start "going to the bathroom" for a few minutes at a time. Still be available, just remove yourself from the room. They'll get used to her and the next thing you know, they'll be running to say hi when she walks in. Of course, it's likely that they'll still want you but at least you'll be able to have some help so you can get some work done.
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I worked part-time as a doula (1 birth/month) for 3 years. That was rough, but it was more about my focus than my actual time. My childcare arrangement fizzled out and I wasn't able to find a suitable replacement, so I gave up birth work.

I've been doing home daycare for the past 9mos. I watch one toddler 30-35hrs/week. It's workable for me. I'm sure I spend as much time focused on my kids/with my kids as I would otherwise--but my alone time suffers. I love the kid I watch, but I'm getting burnt out on doing it.
I work part time as an RN. We just moved here, previously dh was in a 4 on 4 off job, I was a casual (no guarenteed vacation and sick time, or those OMG it is so busy can you come in NOW type calls to work) but I would only take those shifts on his days off, so we NEVER needed childcare. My children are now 6 and 3 so that was quite an accomplishment! Now, I have a set schedule, 10 twelve hour shifts in every 6 weeks. Dh works a night job Thurs to Sat every week, 11:30 pm to noon coming home Sun at noon and off till Thurs nite. Alot of my shifts fall in the days he is working though. MIL babysits and so far it is working out but it is a real hassle. My guarenteed hours end in July as I am covering a mat leave, I am hoping to be casual and cross my fingers that I can get enough work on dh's days off and avoid as much babysitting as possible...including the weird hours like a bit in the afternoon so both of us can sleep if I am working nights as well, then needing babysitting all night and well into the next afternoon...if I didn't have family I don;t know who would be willing to do that kind of stuff.

We just work things out as we go, dh wants to go to school either this fall or next spring, so hopefully things will still work out. I do find all the juggling stressful and hard to get used to though, even though we are relaxed and homeschool without a curriculum ie-unschool.

Good to read everyone else's stories...I don't feel like such an oddball for working!

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I work part time for a preschool. Some of my hours are regular and some are as a sub. regardless my children come with me. they do what work they can by themselves and we do the rest when we can. the on call stuff is sparse right now but if it gets mroe regular #2 will just skip it if I can't help her. #1 is pretty self sufficient at this point. I only work about 8-12 hours a week but am hoping to increase. hopefully it will continue going smooth. Once dd #2 is reading it will be easier.
I do pt childcare in my home. One is here and gone before the kids get breakfast done and the other are in the afternoon for a couple hours. It works out well that schooling gets done in around those times. A time or so my youngest wanted to share his school work w/the girl his age in the afternoon so that was fine too
This is our first yr hsing and it has gone well.
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