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Any mammas in or near Dillon, MT

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I'm looking for other families that share similiar interests in or near Dillon, MT. I'm a sahm mom to two boys, 4 and 1; we AP, extended bfing, radical unschoolers & the such, having a hard time finding families of similiar lifestyle in this community!!

Any like-minded mammas around? I would love to chat!
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THere are many families like that in Missoula, that's where I am. I think I saw a post from a family in Helena.... which isn't exactly near you. Good luck!
Thanks for the kind words. I'm actually from Missoula! I'll have to try to get there more often & hopefully make connections. it would be so nice to meet other families that AP and don't think it's weird or gross when I BF my 1 1/2 yr old
I see the holistic mom's network meetings, are there other get togethers for the unschooling or AP community?

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hmmmm.... well I would think that there are other groups, but I personally haven't herad of anything. I know that the playgroup that we have been going to is pretty much all AP/NFL moms.

By the way, when is your child's birthday? you said you have a 1 1/2 year old... me too! He was born in September 2004
This was the my first time in this forum and the first post I came across. I'm looking for the same thing in Gallatin Gateway/Bozeman. I haven't looked hard yet though. My son will be 2 on May 8, and I'm 33-34 weeks preg. Extended/soon to be tandem nursing. My husband is going along with it for the moment, but he doesn't approve, so support for me would be wonderful too. Good luck!
My 1 1/2 year old son (Raven) is a September 2004 baby too! He was born on the 29th, my oldest son is a September baby too (Kota), 9-25-01. It was pretty close, we thought they were going to share a birthday! What is your son's birthdate? (What is NFL?) It would be so nice to meet up with other supportive families like that. I guess I get a little lonilier then I'd like to admit!

And hello Kellid! We get to Bozeman every couple of months, we love to play at the parks there (Missoula too!) since there is actually kids at the parks! I tandem nursed my two babes for a while so you definitely have my support way down here in Dillon (okay so it's not so far) & these boards/magazine I have found are extremely supportive. It's too bad your hubby isn't on board, I"m sure that would be tough. Good luck on your search!

I'm still searching, there has to be someone in Dillon, just where to look.... Maybe we could tag-along once in a while in Missoula & Bozeman???

It's really nice to hear from both of you! Thanks for your words of encouragement!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Jonette, waving from Dillon!
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I used to live in Dillon and boy oh was is lonely. If I could do it again, i would make friends with who they call "tree huggers" who hang out at the Patagonia Outlet. Attend any activities they plan. Maybe you will get some connections that way.

Do you know about the public mountain spring at birch creek? It is where we got our mountain spring water the entire time we lived in Dillon. If it's still there.
I lived in Dillon too. Worked at Patagonia and for Outward Bound. Also lived in Bozeman. Now we are on a farm outside on Laurel Near Billings. Stop in, if you're ever around!!!
It's nice to hear from others that have had similiar experiences in Dillon, at least I know I'm not the only lonely Dillonite
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Yes, I feel for you...Do you go to birch creek for your water?
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