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Any MDC Mamas near Azle, TX?

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I am from CA, but may have to stay with relatives in Azle for awhile. Just wondering if anyone lives close....and if there are ever MDC gatherings or anything.
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I am in Fort Worth, but am not sure how close that is to Azle. I don't know of any meetups here, but I don't get on MDC that often.
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I'm in FW, I can't remember exactly where Azle is at. There are quite a few MDC/AP/Babywearing mamas in FW. There is a Tarrant ap group on yahoo, not sure if they are active or not these days.
OMGosh, I'm an Azle girl! Never thought I'd see my city come up here! LOL!!!!!! I have not been on MDC in ages but in search of a good "natural supporting" dr and would LOVE it if we had a playgroup of some natural (semi is good too. lol) mommas here! Out of everyone I know, we are alone. lol
Katherine, Im just up the road for Azle...about 10 minutes.
I too moved to Texas from Calif. I have been in Texas for 3 months and love it.

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is my backyard and where I grew up when we came back to the states. My mom and her dad still live there...never thought I would see Azle mentioned here
Just posted on the other Azle thread, but I'm in West Fort Worth.
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