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At me to the list of suspect mommas!

I'm waiting to see what my SID Dd1 gets after evals go through at the specialty clinic. I've always been concidered the odd duck of the family even by my mom who is a bit odd her self (odder if you as me), my brother was Dx'd ADHD as a kid but if he had been Dx'd today he'd be the poster child for SID. When Dd was first Dx'd SID and I started talking to my mom about the behaviors, her responce would always be "I wonder who that sounds like?" while looking at me.

Dh likes to tease me about my soft spot for anything sparkley, shiny, or glittery. I just get transfixed by that kind of stuff and as of late so does Dd1. About a week ago Dd1 and I bough a bouncy ball each that you can see through with water in it, and glitter that swirls around (different colors so that we can tell our balls apart
), and there is a little strobe like ball inside that wiggles and flashes different colored lights when you bounce the ball.

Let's just say it puts me and Dd1 in our happy places.
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