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Some of us weren't able to bf our babies. I only bf my dd for one month and a half and then I had to start on a medication that goes to my milk, so I'm feeding her with formula. Anyways, for what ever reasons you are on the formula clan
I would like to hear from others. I have some questions, have you noticed that your baby is less chunky than bfed ones? Mine is growing perfect but definetly looks thiner (could be on her genes also... from my dh's side of course:LOL ). What about your weight, have you been able to loose those pregnancy pounds by now? What about solids, have you started yet? Ialso noticed that my dd, who is 5 months old, sometimes still looks for my boobs
Have you feel guilty about feeding formula to your baby?
Hope to hear from you all
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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