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Any mystery shoppers?

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I'd like to make a little extra $$ when ds and I move into our own place soon. Anyone done this?
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I've done it but I don't do it anymore, even though I still get the offers. In my experience the time I spent is not worth what I get... the mystery shopping companies I know of will reimburse you but not actually "pay" you. For example, for a lunch shop at Bennigan's, they will reimburse you up to $20 but will NOT reimburse tip, and you spend a total of about two hours gathering the info they want, doing your report, etc and now with the price of gas I've just quit doing it (I would always have to drive about 20-30 minutes to get to one anyway).

The company I work with is good, no fee or anything (there should NEVER be a fee for you to get started!), but there's not much around here but Bennigan's shops, and tanning salon shops which I won't do. I'm planning to stay active with them because we're moving in the next year and I'd like to at least get some free dinners wherever we end up - hopefully there will be more available there. Depends on where you live, so perhaps where you are there'd be more for you to do.

Feel free to PM me if you have more questions or you'd like more info!

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this sounds fun but i always assumed it was a scam. what other kinds of places will they pay you to go to? is it mostly restaraunts?
I have done mystery shopping, but only 1 time. I did it for a cell phone company. It was fun and I made $15 but it seemed to me not really worth it with the cost of gas. Although you can probably write off your gas expenses on your taxes. has a HUGE list of mystery shopping companies and some great info.
I did it for a couple of years and will still do it when it's convenient. Actually, today, I got an offer for a $40 shop that wasn't far from my home and was for one of my favorite companies. I passed on it as I'm focusing on other things right now, but boy, was I tempted! Sometimes I actually miss certain assignments.

I enjoyed shopping, but be aware that you can burn out on it very easily. Instead, when I do shop now, I only shop for specific clients and for a specific minimum. I've never taken the time to count, but I guess I'm in the neighborhood of about 70 shops (give or take). I've worked for many different companies and done many different scenarios including financial shops, apartment shops, fast food shops, restaurant shops, retail (clothing, jewelry), fitness shops, coffee shops, etc.

Any questions you have, feel free to ask away.

ETA: I wasn't sure about posting another forum, but I see 3TimesMama listed the very best place on the web for all things mystery shopping. Do check out their list AND their forum. Everything you ever wanted to know about the biz can be answered there.
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I supported us through DH's college with shopping, but it is RARE to get enough work to really make an impact through shopping. you have to work a lot and it's very competitive out there just to find work, and hard to put together a schedule that actually makes money considering the time and travel involved.
I found it impossible once baby #2 arrived.
Use forums to learn everything you need to know!
I did it a few years back and just started again last month. I got a check for $130 for the mystery shopping I did last month.
I make about 300 bucks a month mystery shopping. They have tons of different places to do, they reimburse you all costs, including travel if its far from where you live, and contract pay. And the most i do is record the times i entered, got in line, and leftm who my cashier was, and how the service was. They pay you via direct deposit on the last day of every month. And whats so great is if they REALLY need jobs done that no one has picked yet, they up the pay a lot. And i didnt have to pay to join.

I dont know if i can post the link, but if not, im sure a mod will delete it, but its legit. They pay me like clockwork.

ps- for the one who asked is it mostly restuarants, this one, i do fast food places, clothing stores, maternity stores, childrens stores, all types of stuff. And whats fun is you get to keep the stuff AND get your money back!
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