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Any New & Exciting Must-Haves?

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DS is a little over 2 1/2 and we have a new baby on the way, due in early November. I think I have all my bases covered, but I know in the world of babywearing there is something new and different being produced every day.

I have: a silk ring sling, a hotsling pouch, a stretchy wrap (hug-a-bub), an old school Babyhawk (regular body, no headrest) and an Ergo.

Obvioulsy I don't NEED a new carrier, but I've heard that there are carriers now where you can put baby in and then put the carrier on. I was thinking that might allow me to be more comfortable doing a back carry earlier on.

So, tell me what's new since DS was born. Any new carriers that you have and love? TIA!
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Oooh. Marking to come back to this when I have more time.
Oh, mama! Have you checked out the new Beco carrier? THe Butterfly II? It has an integrated seat + an infant insert that comes out after the newborn stage! It is so comfortbale! Just love it for my newbie and my toddlers
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Calyx has an internal seat that you strap baby into before you put them on. Haven't tried it, but it's supposed to make back carrying easier for teenies. Another I haven't tried, but think is innovative is Scootababy. O & A soft structured carriers are getting a lot of buzz over on TBW. I'm getting one through the co-op that's running now. Also, I think your stash is missing a woven wrap. I am really finding the wrapping love lately.
I think a simple SSC like AngelPack or O&A would be a nice addition. Butterfly II is more infant to toddler friendly so that would be a really great addition as well. So many to list!
Ooooh! Thanks so much mamas! I just knew there had to be something new that I could justify adding to my stash. I most definately will check out your suggestions. The Butterfly II sounds divine!

And you are right that I am missing a woven wrap. When DS was an infant I went to a local babywearing meeting and the topic that month was wraps. I totally drooled and fell in love with how beautiful they were, but I just never worked up the nerve to get past the learning curve involved. I was afraid I'd spend money on a woven wrap and just end up grabbing an "easier" carrier all of the time. Maybe I should invest in something not too expensive or even try making myself a rebozo and really put some effort into wrapping with the new baby.

Ok, off to check out some links! Thanks again everybody!

eta: Ok, I just clicked on the link for the scootababy and I think I need one. Like, NOW. Except it is for 12lbs and up. But it looks soooo comfy.
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