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Any New Moms Bleed In Early Pregnancy?

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What I mean is, I have heard that it is possible to actually have a first "period" that may seem light, but come at the same time as af is expected, and last as long as normal (5-6 days).

I am not referring to "implantation spotting", seen on day 8-12. My MIL claims to have had a regular period with my dh, and didn't know she was pregnant for almost 2 months because of it. I questioned her about the degree of blood and she insists it was like a normal period.

I am wondering how many other women have experienced this? Although I am ttc babe #2, and pretty certain I am not pregnant this month, I did have a strange period that ended 4 days ago. It was uncharacteristically light, but did last 6 days, so I figured whatever. Then, last night, with a tiny bit of clear cf I saw the strangest little tint of streaked blood. That is QUITE abnormal for me. But could be just leftover light spotting. On day 10 of my cycle.

Like I said, I'm not getting my hopes up. Not going to waste another ten bucks on a test over it, that's for sure! Anyway, I sure would like to know if any one else can back up the claim of a regular period in early pregnancy.
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Yes, I did spot lightly early in my pregnancy. I was sure I was miscarrying. I wasn't. It was totally meaningless bleeding. It was too late for implantation spotting but it really didn't mean anything. Yes, I think it was around the time of my period. It wasn't 5-6 days, but I saw light bleeding on and off for about 3-4.
I did with ds. I never missed my first period. It was lighter than usual, but it was there, for normal length. I assumed I wasn't pregnant because of it, even though I was nauseous, exhausted, and just feeling all around strange.

I took a pregnancy test about two and a half weeks later, just because I was feeling so bad. And had ruled out every other possible thing.

I was completely
when it came up positive, because I was like, hey, I thought I had my period.

I have not been ttc, but I'm in the same boat right now. My period is here, but I have been feeling sick, tired and can't eat anything for the last week and a half. The only thing that is making me go out and drop the $10 is that this is what happened with ds, so I know I'm not completely nuts.

I'll know either way in about 24 hours.

Hope you get an answer, soon.
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Thanks for your response! I am glad to know it's a real phenomena. As for me, I am on day 12 and still having the faintest streaking of a red line in my clear cf.

I think I'm going to break down and buy a test today. It seems so weird as we are currently trying, and I should be ovulating right about now.

Hi bluedragonfly!
Sorry for the delayed response...

I, too, had a (albeit strange) period when I got pregnant.
It was exactly on time, and normal for a day or so, then suddenly vanished.
I took a test on what would have been the fourth day of my cycle and found I was expecting my first babe, due October 24th.

Take a test.
I hope you get the results you've been hoping for.

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I actually had a full-blown period at 10dpo--it lasted six days and was absolutely standard in every way. I was heartbroken, because I was *sure* I was pregnant that month (we were actively ttc). But then the next month my handy opk told me I was ovulating ridiculously early in my cycle; this went on for four days before I remembered that opk's can give you false positives if you're pregnant--and sure enough, I was. The doctors all told me it isn't uncommon, and in my case, it was only my 3rd ppaf and my toddler was still nursing a lot, so I think my hormons were a bit crazy anyway. I did a couple of searches on it, and it does seem to happen. But I'll be glad to hear that others have experienced the same thing--it's a bit unsettling!
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Yes, I agree it is unsettling. And nice to be able to read about it, since I couldn't find much info in the (many) books I have. With my first, I never saw red until post partum, but you never know with number 2, or 3, etc. right?

Unfortunately I wasted another 10 bucks on a test, and it came out negative. However I just ovulated, so I'm praying we nailed it this time.

Thanks for sharing your stories, guys!
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