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Any no-poo mamas with wasit-length or longer hair?

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I did no-poo for a few months a year or so ago, but I found it difficult b/c I have such loooong thick yet fine hair. I'd like to try no-poo again & was hoping that maybe I could find inspiration from other no-poo mamas with waist-length or longer hair, and hopefully a few tips to make it work better. Thanks!
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Try the LongHairLoom Forum for details on caring for long hair, alternative cleansing methods, recommended products, and other fun info:
Hi! I have long fine hair too (almost to my waist). I tried using the baking soda/vinegar routine every which way but it never really worked for me either. I *did* recently switch to using shampoo bars and LOVE it! I use shampoo bars from Blue House soaps about 2x maybe 3x a week followed by an ACV rinse. Thats IT!
My hair is super shiny, soft and I don't need to wash any more frequently than that. I'm absolutely sticking with this routine and started using it on my almost 2yo dd too. Her hair is nice and shiny now too! I know its probably not true 'no poo' but I think using a natural soap is MUCH different than using even a natural shampoo.

ETA: I only usually rub the bar all over my scalp hair, then I just kinda let it run through the rest of my hair, rinse really well, then do the ACV rinse and rinse again until it doesn't smell like vinegar anymore.
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I started no-pooing a few weeks ago. My hair is waist-length, thick, and dark brown. The only problem I had was dealing with dandruff and buildup; solved by using less baking soda. The mix I use now is: 1c water, 1Tbsp baking soda, 1 or 2tsp honey, and two drops of TTO. I only work it into the scalp hair, let it sit for a minute (while I soap and rinse the rest of my body), rinse with water, rinse with diluted (1:5ish) ACV, let that sit while I shave, and rinse finally with cold water.

Hooray for long hair!
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