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I'm finally seriously considering my leap into midwifery training.<br>
I find myself in NYS, however, with their strange WPA's and CM licensing laws.<br><br>
My question: can I study at a MEAC school, become a CPM, then take the ACNM exam to get my CM license to practice in NYS?<br><br>
I am reluctant to go through a three year program to acquire a CM license which is not recognizes in any other state besides NY and NJ. I'd rather the relative flexability of a CPM, I think, since I'm not sure how long my family will be in NY (my husband is in law school here, and although we love where we are, we'll most likely need to take the best job opportunity that comes to him after graduation.)<br><br>
I'd love to hear from anyone in studying or working in NY. Thoughts? Suggestions?<br><br>
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