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Any of ya'll planning to EC your newborn?

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I am and I'm super excited about it, but was wondering if there are other mams in my DDC who might be as well. Maybe we could sort of create a small support group once our babes arrive.
Of course, I(we) may not even be on the computer at all in the first weeks, but it would be really cool to share experiences and stuff.

I sort of stumbled upon EC with DD when she was 10 months old. Just put her on the pot and she peed: once at night and once the next morning and I was hooked! DH and I had taken her to the bathroom with us every time we needed to go, so we both really think she totally knew what was going on, which made it quite a lot easier. She's been completely using the potty on her own since she was 21/22 months old (including running back there on her own in plenty of time, letting us know with plenty of notice when we go out that she needs to go pee, pulling her own pants down at home, and pulling them back up on her own). So, I figure if we start with the new babe at birth, he/she will be using the potty on his/her own around the same time, which would be lovely.

Anyway... long story, but if you plan to EC or have already with one or more, I would LOVE to hear about your experiences. We could sort of build our group through shared experiences and hopes.

Hope to hear from ya.
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I'm planning on it doing it part time. I did it with my daughter from around 6 months and on, but she got terrified of the toilet for some reason a couple months ago so I have a hard time getting her on it now.
We tried on and off - but without enough consistency to do the job. However, he does still occasionally go on the pot if I catch him at the right time. I'll try to be more consistent with the next babe - if I have time to. My problem with DS was that I was so busy after his birth that I didn't have time to sit and watch him enough to understand when he was pooping or peeing (and most of the pooping was while I was BFing him anyway - which makes for awkward potty sitting). I'll check in and see how you moms are doing and what advice you give
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I started late with my DD at 13 months. She is doing it part time now at 18 months, but is communicating about going. Just now she said potty and went both pee and poo. I think with #2 I will start E/Cing part time when the baby can sit up. It just won't fit into my lifestyle trying to hold an infant over the potty. With my DD I put her on the potty every time I change diapers- when she wakes up, after naps, before bed, etc. On average, she goes about 3-4 times a day on the potty. She has even gone on a public toilet when we were out and I needed to change her. I asked if she wanted to go and she said yes and went. I guess my thing is more like infant potty training than E/C, but it works for us. I only have 1/2 as many diapers to wash and think the cloth helps her know too when she has gone as opposed to disposables.

yes i plan to ec with my newborn!

i started wih ds at 6 months. we had very good success until 11 months or so. now he wants nothing to do w/ potty. we do still talk about it and he usually tells me right after he pees.
I'm an EC mama! I started with dd when she was 2 weeks old. She's 8mo now and only has a couple of wet dipes a day. She signs when she needs to go, but I also offer the potty right after naps and in the morning, etc.
I deffinitely plan on EC'ing with this babe too. It is SO much easier,cleaner,healthier, fill in the blank than not doing it.
Dd's sitter does EC with her during the day while I'm at work. Dh says morning potty time is his favorite time of the day with dd. It certainly helps to have everyone on the same page.
me too
Me! I started at 3 months with dd when I first heard about it. WE had a lot of success with it. I'll start at birth with this one.

We heard about EC during the first few months of my son's life, and started with him when he was around 3 months old. I have always done it "part-time" and really went into it with only the goal of helping my son stay connected to his body. I didn't like the idea of him being cut off from his private areas all the time.

It turns out that I really loved doing EC!

We really had an overall very positive experience.... sure, we had many many misses (and still have a stray pee here and there) and there were also lots of potty strikes, but it is something we would defnitely do again.

I am not going to stress about starting at birth or try to go "full-time" right away, though. I figure that I will naturally be inclined to stay in tune from the get-go, and take it from there.
Have EC envy. Have never tried it. Haven't even managed to get my kids to use the toilet or potty or anything till they were at least 4yo.
Am in total envy of you all.

Have this idea that maybe it's time to try it ... would think it might eliminate all the sturm&drang that goes with 4yos having to be convinced to use the toilet. Sigh. And all the other good things previously said about it upthread ...

Will just lurk for now.

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Cool... I'm happy to see there are a good bunch of ladies planning to use it (in any fashion) with their Oct babies. I look forward to hearing about and learning from your experiences.
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