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Any one know if an Ikea is still going up by MOA?

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I read in the paper last winter that there was plans in the work to build one out by MOA. Anyone know if and when it will be here?

Ds need a new bed soon and I realy like the loft one I have seen in there catalog. Also would love to dd some of the cool toys.

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Last time I was down that way, there was some major building going on and a big 'ol sign saying a new Ikea was coming!

I'm soooooooooo psyched!!
I think it's supposed to open next summer (?). Should be pretty cool. Like we have room in our house for more furniture. I guess I'll just have to get the attic finished.

C'mon Ikea! Open Open Open :LOL
I totally hate how much I love their stuff! Especially after seeing Fight Club!

I used the Mammut shelves as a changing table when Za was little and yearn for the matching wardrobe in magenta!

Don't even get me started on their kitchen stuff!

It should open in time for me to get our gestating one 'little kid furniture'. I
IKEA. I got my college furniture there when I lived in SoCal.
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Originally posted by Wackadoo
I totally hate how much I love their stuff! Especially after seeing Fight Club!
LOL- thats one of dh's fav movies. and the ikea mention in it perks my ears up.
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have you seen the kids' loft bed with the slide????

I am sure ds would
that but I wanted to put a desk under his and dd I would love to put curtans up and have all her dress-up stuff under it- maybe run a clothes rod across it so they can all be hung up instead of in a trunk.
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now don't you all get me addicted before it even arrives!

Made me laugh to think of the loft bed w/ slide --- our bedrooms are SO small, that it would be WHEEEE-WHUMPPPPP! as she hit the wall.
(but come to think of it, perhaps I was thinking of the wrong kid. Might be an excellent way to get the teenager up in the morning - hee hee)
I am so excited! Did you see you can now order online? I cannot wait for it to open. No more chicago runs for me!

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