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Any other AP young mamas in Southern NH?

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I'm 20 years old and finding other AP/natural minded moms around here is hard as it is, but everyone I know that is in thier 20's has a completly different mindset from me. I recently reconnected with an old friend whom I havn't seen since high school which is fun, but I would love to get together with someone with a DC around my Reeni's age whom I can actually talk to about MDC-type things! Don't have to be completly crunchy... as long as I don't have to listen to "The benefits of crying it out"
I'm about 20 min. north of Nashua and 30 min. from Manchester..I'm at home with DD during the day and I think It would be fun to take the kids to the lake, walks, berry picking, etc..
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i'm not certain what area you're in - 20 mins north of nashua is typically manchester but you said you're half hour from manchester

nashua has a great la leche group for meeting folks;

there's a holistic moms group that meets at borders in nashua;

apimv seems to be a pretty busy group and they have a number of younger kids

nashua has a mother's group - greater nashua mothers club

borders / barnes & noble / nashua library - all have free story times
I have a dd who is 1 month older than your little one.
I also have a 3 yo ds. We would love to hang out sometime. I am home during the day too. We go to the lake a lot, the kids love love love it. Not sure where you are though, we are outside of Manchester. The Holistic Moms groups is great. I haven't made it to the AP meetings yet though. Still trying. We would love to meet anytime.
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if you've got kids under the age of six then i think you'll really like the apimv meetings

lots of "little" kids and kids to be : )
Terry, is apimv the same as the AP group in Weare NH? I've been planning on going there for 2 months but I havnt made it yet

Tina, Sounds like fun! PMing you!
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I'm in southern NH too... probably close to where you are. I have a dd who is a May 05 baby who would love a new friend to play with. I'm not as young as you but still in my 20's (although it's my last year I just turned 29!)

I am also trying to make it to the apimv meeting this month- maybe we'll meet there.

Send me a pm if you want!
the apimv group does meet in weare for the regular meetings; they usually have extra trips and get togethers on top of all that

i think they're looking to have playgroups on fridays going forward? check in with them for the definite schedule. i like them lots, but its harder for my daughter being SO much older so i'll probably tend more for the special trips than the stuff in weare (which is a incredibly long drive for me anyways)
2sweetbabes.. I am definatly going to make it to the meeting this month too.. I'm going to send you a PM tommorow, bedtime for now..
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