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Any other April 04 mamas out there?

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I know we had a group while we were pregnant.. I have been gone awhile and would love to reconnect and see how everyone is!
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hey christy. Thursdays the big 2 for both of our kiddos!
Hey friend! Its so nice to see a firmular face! How is Katya doing?? I know it can you believe they will be 2!
thursday is the 13th isn't it? Katya has tooth surgey on Friday, so I am pretty sure that is the 14th

How's your guy?

Katya's good. A sweet gentle little thing. She still doesn't talk and some time her frustration boils over. She has sever Hyplasia in 4 of her teeth, which have to be surg. corrected. She is still a little peanut of a thing!

She loves to dance and set up the chess board. Oh and to play with balls, bears, dolls, and horses
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Awe she sounds sooo cute!
I would love to see a pic!
Spencer is good. He is such a boy! He is a chatter box and will let you know how he feels lol. He is still pretty small i think. but he is growing and he seems to amazed me everyday! He loves Thomas the train and he love to play in the dirt and with his trucks. He is a very picky eater and that drives me nuts! He has his daddy snowed as in he can do no harm lol. here is a pic
Are there any other April or mamas still around?
Hey, Christy!!!!!

So very very good to see you. I've been thinking of you a lot lately and wondering how you are. Adam is great! He's an adventurous, consistently naked two year old! Can you believe it??? right now, he's naked and asleep in my lap. He's still nursing and is growing like crazy.

He's been learning new words and is really into basket ball right now.

Adam still isn't saying sentences, but he also has so many siblings he doesn't really need to talk. He enjoys playing with our puppy, Lucy (9 months) and ripping mama's vegetables out of her garden.

I was wondering who was destroying the chives and found out it was Adam! He's got a wicked sense of humor and is mischievious as the day is long.

Will write more later. too hard to type around hiim...

That's him on his 2nd birthday, March 30th.
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Hey Lisa so nice to hear from you!
Adam sure is cute! Thanks for sharing his pic with me. Sounds like everything is going well with you and your family. IM glad!

Life is really crazy with 3 kids so I can only imagine the zoo at your house lol. But I wouldnt trade it for the world. Its alot of fun and there is always something new happenin thats for sure!
Yep, it's a zoo... and on that note, i have to go and wake up the animals... it's time for school
here's my girl

so much to do for tomorrow! clean clean clean!

eta Katya is really into basket ball right now too
aweeee our babies are two.. How did Kaytas day go? Spencer had a nice day we celebrated on the weekend.
So has anyone seen the other mamas from the April 04 group? I am sure everyone is really busy!
I'm an April '04 momma!

Isabella was born 4/6/04 and she was our 1st!
We've since had Eloisa this past Oct.

We're here!
Blake turned 2 a week ago. He hated it! We didn't even do singing and candles because that made him cry at my brother's birthday the week before. He was so out of sorts because my family kept looking at him.
He is not talking much still. He has about 10 words, and knows the names of 8 letters of the alphabet. He gets VERY anxious in social situations. We're meeting with E.I. this week to see if they can help us.

He loves playing with his blocks, both the alphabet ones and the megablocks. His favorite thing is to go outside and "help" me weed by pulling up ONLY the good plants.
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Hey all you mamas-
I tried this a few weeks ago and got no response- I am glad someone else was on it cause i have been wondering about all of you!!!
Zephyr is a WILD MAN. he was 2 a few weeks ago and is completely out of diaper- even overnight!!! this, i feel is my reward for cloth diapering 3 kids!!!!!
he is small and has much less hair than all the babes in the pictures- i wish i knew how to send a picture but i am still computer illiterate.

life is fun with a wild climbing ball throwing bike riding babe in the house..
much peace mamas- i think fondly of my pregnancy and how we all shared the good the bad and the ugly-
Hey Ladies!!
So good to see you Maria.. How are ya my friend??
Life sounds good for everyone which makes me happy..
Casandra Spencer wasnt into the singing and candles either.

I sure wish Spencer would go on the potty.. He wont go near it.. Be went on the potty when he was about 18 months old and I was jumping up and down and screaming he did it he did it.. and ever since then he wont get near it.. SO I scared him I think.. Good going MOM! He is however a chatter box.. Can carry on a conversation with you.. I couldnt tell you how many words he says. He talks alot. He can count to 20.. well to 15 without help and then skips numbers until he gets to 20 LOL He says his ABC's and he knows some of his colors and Shapes. Hes really into cars and Trucks.. Right now hes a big Firetruck lover which burns dh since hes a Police officer... LOL he wants him to like the police cars LOL
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Yea - April '04 mamas are back!!

I was wondering if anyone was out there anymore!! I'm not on the toddler board as much since finding out we're having #2

: to all our babies - I can't believe they're 2 already!! Everyone is so big and beautiful!! Here's my boy on his birthday (hopefully this link works right)

Miles is talking up a storm in the last couple of weeks. He has his 2 year molars on the bottom already, but not on the top (was always early/on time with teeth). He has started co-sleeping in the early morning hours (I'm still undecided on whether or not I like this new development). GoodWillHunter, I hear you about the mischevious (sp) streak - I found the top of my amaryllis almost-opened flower on the ground earlier today
: Ds loves playing outside and is a great climber now. He'll sit on the potty, but won't tell me if he has to go - I'm just trying to get him comfortable with the idea at this point. We have a lot of fun with him - he's a sweet little boy
. That's pretty much all that's new for now.
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Hey Julie
Miles is sooo cute.
I hope we can get all our April o4 members back!
Congrats on your pregnancy! How exciting!
Isabella has been going on the potty with no accidents for 4 weeks now.
Also she's been dry thru the night for 8 days... actually never had an "accident" at night .. ijust ran out of dipes and hoped for the best.

BUT - she does all this nekid. no matter hopw many times I try to show her and explain to her that panties are NOT dipes.. she doesn't get it. If I put panties on her she throws a huge fit and takes them of and sits on teh potty to show me that she can use the potty. she doesn;t need 'diapers' which is how she thinks of the panties.
IF I can get her to keep the panties on then she will of course pee/poop in them becasue she thinks thats what I want her to do.

Sometimes when we go on a big shopping trip or to a restaurant I put a dipe or pull up on her "just in case" and she will pee in them and cry. But it;s because she knows that dipes are for pee .. she just doesn;t want to.
I'm woprking on getting her to twll me she has to use the potty when we are pout - but I knwo that can take awhile.

M ymain concern is getting her to realize that panties are not diapers at home.
In my mind thats the next milestone ......*sigh*.. maybe things wil lwork out when the Nemo & Blue's clues panties I ordered show up.


as far as her 2nd B-day. We don't celebrate birthdays so it was a non-issue at our house. Actually I'm not sure she knows how old she is or even what age is.
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