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Guess I am ALSO A "FLUFFY" mommy

I am Currently at a whopping 263 and I'm 5'9"
I was 255 Last Month, BUT now that i'm pregnant I'm eating everything.
Very different from when I was PG With DS1

I was 250 When I Got PG with ds.
Lost weight During the first few Months and When I had him I was Only at 250!
HE was a 10lb 8.25 Oz Baby. Of course I had people Ask me daily if he was A GD Baby. HE WAS NOT! I was a 9lb 10 oz Baby, My mom was a 10lb 9oz Baby.
It just runs in the family.

I had high blood Pressure the last 2 Months and Was put on bed rest (not Strict But i wasnt doing anything else any way LOL)
Borderline PreEclampsa. But he was born 1 week and a half Overdue Via C section. Also Had a Hard time with my weight Cause when he was 6 weeks old I had to get my gall bladder removed. That Pain i wouldnt wish on even my worst enemy! But i wound Up getting pancreatitus and was in the Hospital for 10 days, Got out the day before mothers day!
Ever since then, I have had issues with food. Somethings make me sick and others just go right through me.

But anyway. Im getting some work out by playing with ds and playing rock band, The drums, On xbox 360 LOL!

Nice to know there are other FLUFFY Mommies like me!!!

(how do I post Pics? LMK
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